Crystal Sphere

crystal sphere

A delicate sphere of polished crystal. It contains a cloud of playful sprites of some divine origin. Crush it in a sanctuary to convert that sanctuary to your creed.

Crystal Sphere is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Crystal Sphere Effect

  • Crush it in a sanctuary to convert that sanctuary to your creed.



Where to Find Crystal Sphere

  • Found as treasure:
    • Sunken Keep: Before The False Jester, keep going down until you see Vertigo Obelisk and go left. 
    • Bandits Pass: When you enter using the Obelisk to the left of the False Jester Fight.  Up to the left, just before the 3 tripwires.
    • Red Hall of Cages: on the platfrom above the mad jester.
    • Dome of the Forgotten: In the room where you fight The Untouched Inquisitor, it is on a wooden ledge just above the gate, where the lever to unlock it is. This is the gate that opens a shortcut to the Sanctuary.
    • Mal's Floating Castle: In Mimku chest on the left side of the main floor inside the castle building.
    • Mal's Floating Castle: Chest on the platform with the droppable ladder before the boss fight. 
  • Can be chosen as an "Effect" item during creation of a character - it is the bottom most choice.




  • You gain no Sin from using this item. Nor do you need to seek Forgiveness.
  • Any NPCs in the Sanctuary will be converted to your Creed as well.




  • Trivia goes here


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