Mad Jester

Mad Jester
Health: ??
Rewards:  ??
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

Mad Jester or The Real Jester is a character in Salt and Sanctuary

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  • Sunken Keep: After The False Jester fight, go up and left from following shrine and talk to the real jester NPC to talk to him.
  • Red Hall of Cages: Near the top area, find a vertigo obelisk and follow the path to talk to the jester again.


Quest Information

  • Grants you the Vertigo Brand
  • The Jester Set is next to his first location, inside a chest.
  • Dialogue




First encounter:

Greetings friend you've come to chatter? From where I sit, you seem the madder! Fork, spoon, knife, and a drowned man's wife.
Where I come from in is out, down is up and up is down! Plate, cup, bowl, and broken widow's soul.
Would you like this rich perspective? Trust me lord, it's quite authentic! Elbow, jaw, knee, and a grave beneath the sea.

No: What a tragic limitation! You'll miss my cooperation. Mock, mocked, mocking, and a dead man's stocking.
Yes: Fear not, then, extend your hand. There is great power in a brand. White, searing, hot, and an iron-forged thought.

Seek and find the hallowd stones. What comes next? I trust you'll know. Fate, faifth, fade, and the calm beneath the shade.

 Second encounter:

Look at us, we walk the ceilings! Steady on, our heads are reeling! Roof, wall, floor and upside-down door.

Dragons high and dungeons low, find the voice that scares the crows. Deep, black hell, and the darkness that there dwells.

Island full of wicked things, shattered lands and broken kings. Ruled, ruler, rule, heed the wisdom of the fool.


Player Notes

  • Wears the Jester's Attire Set.
  • His dialogue shows that he knows, uniquely, what's going on in the island - encouraging the player to recieve his brand to move upon the ceiling, as well as giving the player the first real hint as to the true nature of the Scarecrow.
  • He is heavily implied to be "The Fool" from the House of Splendor, the god who brought the joys of wine and gold to the hopeless.


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    • Anonymous

      I just had a thought... The Still Palace is turned upside down... and he always walks the ceiling... so is it possible that he made his all the way from there?

      • Anonymous

        Out of all the characters you meet, The 'Mad' Jester the only sane one that seems to know what's going on
        It's almost like the entire island is
        upside down

        • Anonymous

          Haha, when I first started this game, I thought the number of lit candles symbolised the boss difficulty, and it appeared that way, when I got to the false jester arena, I saw six lit candles. I thought this boss is way above my level, so I avoided going there, realising I wasn't progressing I finally did, found out the boss was stupidly easy and with the name false jester I assumed the real jester boss was much further into the game with the same six candles but this time not a joke. It was that npc the whole time...

          • Anonymous

            Where is the mad jester from? I'm trying to piece together the lore and I am figuring out who invaded who and who won based on the info in Origins page of the wiki. Depending on where he is from it could mean that Liven and Citadel invaded Askaria or that nothing happened. Actually it depends on who owned the Sunken Keep.

            • Anonymous

              why do i get this when i talk to himIsland full of wicked things, shattered lands and broken kings. Ruled, ruler, rule, heed the wisdom of the fool. I get this when i killed the false jester and try to get this brand

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