Stone Blacksmith

Stone Blacksmith

A small stone figure in the form of a bearded blacksmith. Offer the Stone Blacksmith to an altar to allow blacksmiths to practice craft in the sanctuary. Grants attack bonus to sanctuary region.

 Stone Blacksmith is an Offering Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Blacksmith Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will give you dialogue options and sell you equipment
  • The Blacksmith also allows you to upgrade equipment
  • The Blacksmith's appearance and wares change depending on your Creed
  • Having a blacksmith in your sanctuary will give you an attack bonus for the sanctuary region



Where to Find Stone Blacksmith

  • The Festering Banquet: On your way up the right tower, take an exit to a lone ledge on the right side. Map: {X:17709.71 Y:9733.217}
  • Castle of Storms: All the way to the right on base floor from main entrance. Map: {X:27413.76 Y:20519.74}
  • Red Hall of Cages: To the right of the sanctuary there is a shortcut. Go down the 2 set of ladders and the blacksmith will be to the left Map: {X:40323.17 Y:9743.883}
  • Map: {X:43324.59 Y:19116.12}
  • Map: {X:76993.7 Y:12572.29}




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