Wise Words is a trophy in Salt and Sanctuary. It is achieved by completing the Masterless Knight Quest. Please see our Game Progress Route for details.


Masterless Knight

Masterless Knight
Health: ??
Rewards: Wise Words Trophy
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

Masterless Knight is a character in Salt and Sanctuary

Whenever you're scared and alone, remember that you are your own hero."


  1. Bandit's Pass: On your way to The Festering Banquet. You must answer "Yes" to hearing about his quest, or he will not be at Castle of Storms.
  2. Castle of Storms: He is on the upper left corner of the ramparts, next to the switch to an outside shortcut elevator. (Talk before defeating dragon)
  3. Red Hall of Cages: Go right from the Sanctuary to meet him
  4. Hager's Cavern: On a ledge immediately above the Sanctuary room. You can drop from a higher ledge with an Armor Mite.
  5. The Ruined Temple: On the bottom floor of the temple, on the left hand side.
  6. Pitchwoods: All the way to the bottom and to the right, past Carsejaw the Cruel.


Quest Information

  • Exhaust dialogue everytime you talk to him.
  • You must answer "Yes" to hearing about his quest the first time you encounter him, or he will not be at the second location.
  • If you defeat the area boss without talking to him when he is before them, he will vanish. If you don't find him in the Pitchwoods before ?? boss, he will vanish.



First encounter:

Greetings, traveler.
Do you have a quest?

Rescuing a princess, mmm?
I haven't seen any princess, but don't lose hope, friend.

Anyway, it's good to have a quest. Would you like to know what my quest is?

My quest is to invade the castle to the East, defeats its guardians, and slay the dragon.
Castles must be invaded and dragons must be slain, musn't they?

Getting into this castle is a different story. There's a bridge to it, but it's missing bits.

There's another way in, but it's not easy. I saw a passage beneath the fortress you just emerged from, perhaps it leads through to a village of sorts.

There's a shorcut that connected the beach to the village, but it's been barred. Perhaps you can unlock it?

I've heard something about a jester. The jester knows a way to get to places no one else can?

It's easy to claim something. Until you can actually back your claims up, you're just a rumormonger.

Second encounter:

You've made it!
Look at this view, stunning isnt'it?
I've heard there's a thief somewhere with what sounded like a particulary useful rune.
There's also that pesky dragon. Needs to be slain.

Do you ever wonder where these buildings came from?
Who built this castle? Does it have a master?

Third encounter:

You slayed the dragon, and I wasn't even there to help.
I suppose I need a new quest then. Very well: the Ziggurat!
Or should I head to the dungeon below the castle?

My heart wants whatever lies in the Ziggurat, but before it lies that wretched thing...
The Dome of the Forgotten: a hollow place wretched with echos of suffering and misery and pain and...

Perhaps I should head through the dungeon. As foreboding as it seems, I know it's less terrible than the accursed Dome.
Whenever you're scared and alone, remember that you are your own hero.

Fourth encounter:

The Red Hall of Cages should not be here. It should be in Askaria.
It's an infamous dungeon there, well known for its legacy of blood and misery.
So why is it here?

Even... that castle we were just in. Did it not remind you of Cloudencasse in Kulka'as?
I've never seen it in person, actually, but I know enough about it to know that that castle did not belong here.
Cloudencasse... the Red Hall... these are near-perfect replicas, all together here.
Is this the work of some mad architect?

I wonder what this cave holds.

Excuses are the lies we tell everyone we know... including ourselves.

Fifth encounter:

I met a simple woman from Kulka'as here. She wanted to know what the point of it all was.

How could she not know? It's the simple truth: we must quest.
We must explore, we must discover, we must succeed, we must survive.
She was devoured by beasts.

Did you know that I've been questing since my 13th year?
Slaying brigands and scoundrels, exploiting uncharted caves... never does my heart feel at peace quite so much as when I'm on an adventure.

I think I'll venture into the woods next.
It's pitch dark and full of strange creatures and grisly corpses, but, my friend, you should do well to know that I thrive in the face of danger!

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply to listen. 

Sixth encounter:

Here we are: at the end of the island.

It's dark as pitch here, and this road ends in black water.

One quest ends, but a dozen more take its place.


In my questing, I found this... writ.

Looks important, but then I've never been good with writting...

It's yours, my friend. (gives A King's Order)

Despair is nothing more than a forfeiture of privilege.


Player Notes

  • NPC Set: Skorpion Set (Minus the Skorpion Migfer)


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      I hate when they put dumb trophys like these in games I don't like playing through 4 times just because I did not get the order of talking to npc's just right its to hard to figure out how to do things just right

      • I have defeated the with of the lake and he is still standing in the ruined temple after I have talked to him fully. Should I just head to the right of the Pitchwoods anyways? Will he appear there? I REALLY do not want to have to make a whole new character ONLY for this guy to end up screwing it up again, with the ending of this playthrough, I will successfully Platinum Trophy this game, so I really do not want to ruin this run. Thanks.

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