Health: ??
Rewards:  ??
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

Nomad is a character in Salt and Sanctuary

Sorting all the trinkets... color and the shape!


  • The Festering Banquet.
  • Castle of Storms, after defeating Kraekan Wyrm.
    • He is located on the far right side of the castle. Exit left from the Castle of Storms' Sanctuary and take the lift down to the ground level. Enter the castle via the obelisk and ascend the stairs until reaching the two lifts. Pass the Court Sorcerer and two Emberskull's to the right and enter the door. Shadowflip from the ledge above the door to the obelisk, activate it, and pass to the other side. Continue right to find him sitting next to three barrels.


Hello, friend.
Trinkets to sell, trinkets for coin.

Friend, I'm so happy you came along.
I've gathered things. Trinkets, Trinkets and such.
Trinkets for gold, that's what I've got. Trinkets for coin.

How'd you end up here? I stowed away. Sold trinkets in Taenibir, trinkets for coin.
So poor though. Talk of wealth in Kar'hi. Even beggars like me've got manservants there, they say.
Stowed away. Sailed... then... that storm.

Imagine the surprise on those sailors' faces! Seein' the likes of me in the wreckage there with all of 'em "honest men."
All of us... floating in the sea, clinging to planks, shivering in the icy cold...
Not sure how many of the others made it to shore.
That shivering, shivering shore...

But the trinkets I find here, they do sell, they do.
Doing quite nicely, I am. Soon enough I'll be able to buy my escape!
Somehow... somehow...

Gods bless.

Player Notes

  • His stock updates with the armor sets of defeated bosses, in addition to his own set.
  • Sells Lock of Hair, Endless Fang, Bolt, Flame Bolt, Torch, and Stained Page. After moving, he also sells A Soldier's Poem and Hateful Jawbone.


Set Boss Type : Class Cost per piece
Beggar's n/a Light : 0 500
Fleshbound The Witch of the Lake Light : 5 5,000
Doppelsöldner The Sodden Knight Heavy: 2 2,000
Mildewed The Queen of Smiles Light: 3 5,000
Umbral Set Carsejaw the Cruel Heavy: 4 5,000
Alkymancer's The Architect Light: 5 5,000
Golem Set The Forgotten King Heavy: 5 5,000
Overlord Set The Nameless God Heavy: 5 50,000




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    • Anonymous

      Cant find him. Went to the castle of storms to buy the umbral set after carsejaw and nothing was there. bummer

      • Anonymous

        Anyone else having him not sell additional armorsets except the ones when you meet him first time in your playthrough?
        He never updated for me after defeating more bosses, could only buy Doppelsöldner and that second light armor.

        • Anonymous

          I made the page and got it this far, but I don't want to do it anymore.Suggestions: Maybe all icons, not just the 1? Maybe each item on its own row? Maybe include the common items that he sells in a table instead of a lazy list with only one linked out? Maybe improve the location information so others can find him?

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