Bandaged Ring

A ring of powerful healing. Its wearer may suffer injury, but lasting wounds will be made less severe.

Bandaged Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Bandaged Ring Effect

  • Reduces wounding effect from 10% of damage taken to 5%.



Where to Find Bandaged Ring

  • Can be found in The Festering Banquet zone on one of the upper floors. No keys/shortcuts are needed to get this item.
  • Sold by ???




  • Halves wounding effect
  • The effect of this ring does not stack.



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    • Anonymous

      For those who don't know; the "Wounding" effect, as the game puts it, is a mechanic where upon taking damage from anything, your max HP is reduced by a default of 10% of the total damage taken. For example, if I have 100 max HP, and I take 10 damage, my current HP is reduced to 90, but my max HP is also reduced by 1. This ring halves that max HP reduction from 10% of damage taken to 5%. Effectively, this ring allows you to take more damage more often without having your max HP reduced as substantially without the ring. In my opinion; while any build can benefit from using this ring, melee builds benefit from it far more than spellcasting builds, as the former will more likely be taking damage than the latter.

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t get the bandaged ring, went to the place where I’m meant to get it and it has given me something else like red shard instead at the start of the game. Can you buy the ring another way?

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