Stone Mage

Stone Mage

A small stone figure in the form of a wise mage. Offer the Stone Mage to an altar to allow mages to practice craft in the sanctuary. Grants magic potency bonus to sanctuary region.


Stone Mage is an Offerings Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Mage Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will sell you Spells, Wands and Staves for magic use.



Where to Find Stone Mage

  • After defeating the Sodden Knight on your way down to the village of smiles you will see the Nomadic Merchant hanging out in a cave. The ledge just below him and to the right is a secret passage. A stone mage can be found in the following section by jumping down the platforms and then entering a cave guarded by an Armor Mite. This is the earliest point in the game to obtain a stone mage.
  • Dome of the Forgotten: Go right from the sanctuary and you will find it above the Hornet Steel.
  • Hager's Cavern: Up and left of the sanctuary, past some disappearing platforms.
  • Found on Map:
  • {X:16864.87 Y:18184.3} 
  • {X:13809.21 Y:15370.65} 
  • {X:42419.16 Y:23083.65}
  • {X:31901.45 Y:29488.8}
  • {X:34192.7 Y:26473.59}
  • {X:85372.79 Y:14866.28}
  • {X:59027.66 Y:11513.27}




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