Stone Cleric is an Offering Item in Salt and Sanctuary.

Stone Cleric

Stone Cleric

A small stone figure in the form of a wise cleric. Offer the Stone Cleric to an altar to summon a cleric to the sanctuary. Grants prayer potency bonus to sanctuary region.


Stone Cleric Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will give you dialogue options to purchase Prayers.
  • The Cleric also sells other items, depending on your Creed
  • Having a Cleric increases prayer potency in the Sanctuary's area.



Where to Find Stone Cleric

  • The Festering Banquet: After fighting to bats, exit towards the left and once outside drop down a platform. Map: {X:4238.879 Y:17546.44}
  • The Village of Smiles: One on the way to the boss, find a right path that leads to a ladder and a dead end. Map: {X:39685.11 Y:27850.48}
  • Map: {X:31349.38 Y:32077.78}
  • Map: {X:65062.02 Y:19183.92}
  • Map: {X:86740.07 Y:13677.31}
  • Map: {X:89973.17 Y:17775.62}
  • Map: {X:13574.04 Y:11306.52}




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