Kismet Stone

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A delicate ring carved of a solid chunk of precious gem. Adventurers always seek pilfered prizes, but it seems that whether a slain foe's spoils are all trash or treasure always comes down to luck.

 Kismet Stone is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Kismet Stone Effect

  • Increases your item find rate.



Where to Find Kismet Stone

  • When starting from the Shivering Shore Sanctuary take the first shortcut you encounter (below the first set of stairs) - take the cave down, you'll fight
    three vampire bats - there's a hidden passage at the right side of the path. Look for it with "o".




  • Grants +15 item find.




  • Previous to patch ( the Brightcoral Ring was better as it gave upgrades to both Focus and Stamina.
  • Kismet Ring updated from +3 to +15 item find.


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    • Anonymous

      Willpower also appears to increase droprate, for me the Brightcoral ring says it gives a higher droprate than the kismet stone, unless this ring has a hidden ability I think I'll use the Brightcoral.

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