Stone Sellsword

                                                                                                      statue sellsword

A small stone figure in the form of a rugged sellsword. Offer the Stone Sellsword to an altar to summon a sellsword to the sanctuary. Grants shield block bonus to sanctuary region.

 Stone Sellsword is an Offering Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Sellsword Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will give you dialogue options to allow you to initiate multiplayer.
  • You may hire other players as sellswords to play in your world, and they will gain levels and items as you play, however Key Items that progress the game will not be unlocked for the Sellsword player.
  • The other player must first have made a character in their own account.
  • The merchant also enables you to buy an Egg of Wrath which can be crushed to initiate PvP.
  • Sellswords look different depending on your Creed.



Where to Find Stone Sellsword

  • Inside the Bandit's Pass Sanctuary to Devara's Light. Map: {X:23996.79 Y:11023.02}
  • You can take this as an Effect during Character Creation if you wish to Co Op from the very first Sanctuary.
  • The Watching Woods: Left of the sanctuary there is a sturdy wooden platform after the bat and the vilehawk
  • Crypt of Dead Gods near a Crypt Keeper
  • Drop: Drowned Berzerker



  • There are some known bugs. Please see this forum section
  • Not in the Vita version, it seems all online stuff is removed as well (referring to the hanging bodies of dead players you can see.)



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    • Anonymous

      You can find a 4th sellsword in crypt of dead gods near a crypt keeper it to the bottom left of the complex wall hug and jump spot.

      • Anonymous

        Why the blood-soaked hell is there only two? And why isn't this in the Vita version? I don't even mean the co-op, the boost to shield blocks would've been immensely useful throughout the whole game.

        • Anonymous

          I was experimenting with co op and shareplay
          1:Make a second playstation account and a character on it
          2:Make sure both of your accounts are logged in
          3:Press O near the sellsword npc and have them press X

          The host needs ps+ the game and internet connection
          The visitors only need internet connection

          Crickets26 if you want to play co op with me.Let me know your from this message

          • Anonymous

            in whatching woods have one i dont know exactly the coordenadesand crypt of dead gods i see other (my english it's bad sorry great game! :) )

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