Twinmetal Ring

A bluish metal ring resembling twisting thorns. Flesh and bone are weak things, but the fists of this ring's wearer may seem strong as wrought iron.

Twinmetal Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Twinmetal Ring Effect

  • Dramatically improves unarmed melee damage.



Where to Find Twinmetal Ring

  • This ring is not in the final version of the game, as confirmed by Shelldragon. It may get added in a future patch, but no promises. 



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    • Anonymous

      may i post a link here please?
      can please someone explain how did he get this ring there?

      • Anonymous

        Obtainable with save editor, google it if you want. It's... kind of fun, or "phun", that's more fitting. Unarmed DMG seems to scale from level, not from STR, though i didn't test it thoroughly. Mostly because it's oddly boring, despite the nice and fleshed-out animations. DS fist-only runs felt like "hard but entertaining"; S&S fist-only feels like a chore. But that's subjective ofc. May be actually fun with Lamprey set for it's damage reflect.

        • Anonymous

          In Dark Souls 1-3, I play exclusively with fist weapons, it's always been my favorite thing; please Dev's, patch this in... I want to punch bosses in and around their face area's.

          • Tested damage.
            Drowned Soldier: No ring (3) With ring (7) On my much higher level character against a crypt keeper: Ring (22.5) No ring (15), in summary: It's about a 50% buff, I think strength improves unarmed damage, but this is pure assumption.

            • Anonymous

              Maybe they'll add certain rewards when you max out a creed, alongside the upgrades already given. This seems like the type of ring for the Mountainsmiths (Iron Ones) creed.

              • Anonymous

                its been a week and i still can find no information on the location of this ring. Does ANYBODY know where it is?! Does it exist?! Is this actually the fabled Chieftain Ring?!

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