Heartspent Ring


 Heartspent Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Heartspent Ring Effect

  • Increases MP at the cost of HP.



Where to Find Heartspent Ring




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    • Anonymous

      "Not present in finale game" bought it from the keepers of fire & sky, & works as described, cuts health for more focus

      • Anonymous

        Can be purchased from merchant with fire and sky at lvl 7.
        Works similarly to conduit of mind by increasing your focus. Bumy the time you get it, your focus is more limited by how many phials you have, and it is only slightly more than conduit of mind while destroying your health, so overall fairly useless.

        • Anonymous

          The only thing this item seems to do is cull your HP by 50%.
          Nothing increasing Focus, Stamina, MAG, WIS, or plain spell damage. Literally nothing.

          It's the ultimate handicap item.

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