Sparkling Ring


Sparkling Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.



Sparkling Ring Effect

  • Increase healing power.



Where to Find Sparkling Ring

Pickup in The Festering Banquet. Requires Vertigo Brand.
At the top of the first building you enter in the area is a knight guarding this item.




  • Despite the description, the ring is entirely non-functional.




  • The ring is purple


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    • Anonymous

      As an update the most recent patch and doing some testing, this ring now works and increases the healing of;
      potions (tested by using a fall that did about 24.5% of total health, falling four times, using the spell that removes wounding without healing, drinking the potion, then falling after it's about halfway done, which resulted in full health, so healing 125% of total health instead of 100%)
      regeneration effect from mending ring and vinemesh shield (easy to test, put one of those on then remove/equip the sparkling ring, you can easily see the speed of regeneration change)

      I can only assume it works on hp leech, don't have a character with an hp leech weapon and it's hard to test with just the charm, but I would be shocked if it worked on the regeneration ring but not that.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone figured out how this works?

        From what I gather it should either increase the speed at which healing Items replenish health, or increase the amount of health gained from a healing Item. However, it doesn't seem to do either of these things...

        • Anonymous

          I did a little experiment and this doesn't affect red shard healing. I don't know if it's supposed to work on healing miracles or what.

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