Sparkling Ring


Sparkling Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.



Sparkling Ring Effect

  • Increase healing power.



Where to Find Sparkling Ring

Pickup in The Festering Banquet. Requires Vertigo Brand.
At the top of the first building you enter in the area is a knight guarding this item.




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    • Anonymous

      30 Mar 2017 05:50  

      Anyone figured out how this works?

      From what I gather it should either increase the speed at which healing Items replenish health, or increase the amount of health gained from a healing Item. However, it doesn't seem to do either of these things...

      • Anonymous

        25 Dec 2016 12:29  

        I did a little experiment and this doesn't affect red shard healing. I don't know if it's supposed to work on healing miracles or what.

        • Anonymous

          Which healing effects?03 Apr 2016 01:27  

          Could this be used in tandem with the Mending Band? Or even weapons with HP leeching weapons?

          • Anonymous

            No description02 Apr 2016 07:49  

            Edited the page because there's no description or lore for it aside from "Increase healing power".

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