Vile Vines Ring

A green canvas band wrapped in soft vines. Supposedly thick with poison, though it was created to protect against the very same thing.

Vile Vines Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Vile Vines Ring Effect

  • Increases your defense to poison damage.



Where to Find Vile Vines Ring

  • Found in a pouch on the bottom right end of the Mire of Stench, right after entering the area from Hager's Cavern. It's protected by two traps.




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    • It sorta kinda helps to counter the Mireheart Charm, but in the end you'll need to wear Poison-defense armor and/or carry some Antidotes for good measure. If Poison damage doesn't increase in NG+, I doubt I'd see it being particularly useful as a protection against an enemy's poison.

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