Mire of Stench is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This poisonous swamp is infested by flying insects, and connects Hager's Cavern to The Fort Beyond The Mire and The Far Beach


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Lore Notes:

  1. The Mire is presumably Gulchmire; West of Tristin, and Northwest of Kadania; This can be assumed not only by the name and nature of the Mire, but also the presence of a lizard person within the Mire: Alde Griggs.
  2. The primary inhabitants of the Mire, the Lepris bandits, are actually victims of Grayrot and are simple bandits rather than lizard people.
  3. Grayrot, the disease that has taken the Lepris, is the same disease prevalent in the House of Splendor. Correlation does not imply causation, however, as "Grayrot tends to inflict entire communities, and every community reacts to it a bit differently."1

1. Beastiary, "Lepris"

Full  Mire of Stench Walkthrough

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Mire of Stench is the tenth area you will encounter after making your way through Hager's Cavern. The Mire is a wretched swamp filled with poisonous creatures. This guide will show you how to find the Sanctuary, the hidden merchant Alde Griggs, the boss and the exit to the next area.

Firstly, we will make our way to the Sanctuary. Just head left from the entrance till you find a ladder heading down. It will take you to a platform with a Bloated Monstrosity, protected by a Heartseeker (If you jump down to the right of this platform, you will find a poison defVile Vines Ring). From there, head left onto a platform with 2 ladders and the Wrathful Dead. Climb up the first ladder and jump to the left from there to find the unclaimed Sanctuary. Claim the Sanctuary for the Creed of your choice by placing its idol at the altar. (Video)

Next we shall find Alde Griggs. Head out to the left of the Sanctuar, and just continue to jump-walk across the water all the way to the next platform you find. You will have to use the Shadowflip Brand to jump via the wall to the platform where Alde Griggs is sitting. On the platform above him, you will find a shield clericCleric's Kite Shield, just behind Alde Griggs is a (hidden) chest with the priest set. Speak to Griggs to enable buying high-end Upgrade Materials, Class 4 Light Armor and other poisonous stuff from him. (Video)

Now to make our way to the Boss and unlock a few shortcuts along the way. Head back across the water towards the Sanctuary. From the left side of the Sanctuary, head up the breaking wooden platform till the very top where you'll find a spinning wheel, and a platform with Lepris on it. (You can jump down slightly to the left of it to find a charm heavy poisonMireheart Charm and a salt4Sack of Salt. Just jump down to the right and make your way back to the Lepris platform after collecting it.) (Video)

Then you need to use the platforms going up from the spinning wheel/pulley to reach another platform to your left with more Lepris on it. Head upwards from there using the Shadowflip Brand to jump between the walls. Then head to the right till you see a candle-lit platform underneath you in the gap, with a ladder going down (It will be just to the right of the spinning wheel/pulley). Climb down the ladder and into the room with the Saltless. (Video)

Leave that room the right. On the plaform right below the exit, you will see an item orb, which holds the pirate helmCorsair's Bandana, pirate armorCorsair's Vest and pirate bootsCorsair's Boots. To the right will be a platform with 2 ladders, note this point as we will return to it after collecting a few items first. Simply climb up the 2 ladders you see there to reach a platform with a Flying Spider and Hunting Bones on it. Right above it you will see an entrance to another room, which we need to enter next to find a Stone Leader. (Before entering, if you just go the left a bit, you will find 3x blue sparkFrozen Doll and 3x return bellBell of Return on a wooden platform with Hunting Bones). (Video)

Then make your way back to the platform with the 2 ladders, the one we asked you to note earlier. To go further we need to head right past the 3 Flying Spider till you reach the end of the platform, with a sword rustVirulent Scimitar there. Above it will be a wall which you can jump to using Shadowflip Brand a bunch of times. Head to the right at the top to find a Shrine where you can heal up. Keep going right and you will find a Gray Pearl, followed by the spell Venomous Blade and a shortcut heading back to Hager's Cavern.

If you go to the top-level, just to the left of the Shrine entrance, you will find a charm dying overkillRedhair Charm at the end of it. (Video)

Head back out to the left of the Shrine. This time use the Shadowflip Brand to go further up to the left (the wall you can jump to standing on the opening to the left of the collapsible wooden platform looks like it's part of the background compared to the more dark-looking wooden pillars, but if you move your camera around, you'll see the difference between what you can and can't jump against). On the platform ahead, you will find 3 Flying Spider and a Bronze Axe Knight next to a lever that activates a shortcut right below it. (In the room below is a chest withalchemist boots Alchemist's Apron,alchemist armor Alchemist's Coverall andalchemist helm Alchemist's Mask. You can jump down through the ground near the lever.) Continue heading to the left and use the second lever to unlock a shortcut from the Sanctuary to the Boss. If you just jump to the left, you will reach the boss, That Stench Most Foul. ()

That Stench Most Foul is a poisonous boss who is very Poison-resistant but weak to Holy damage. Using Blessed PageCharms or Prayers that add holy damage to your weapons is advised. For more tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see the That Stench Most Foul page. After defeating the boss, head to the left and jump across the small breaking wooden platform all the way to the end to find the ring staminaMossy Ring

 Wait for the breaking platforms to respawn and then jump back to the right, and head down the wooden ledges to the spining wheel/pulley. Use it to reach the bottom and then go the left and up the platform to take the one going upwards. At the top will be the The Mirekeeper, and an exit underneath her. She informs you of the Redshifts and awards you the Redshift Brand. Head out that exit and continue going left, down the hill and to the bridge that runs across the water to reach the Fort-Beyond-The-Mire.

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    • Anonymous

      Somehow or another, I completely missed this place in my first/blind playthrough. Ran around for hours and stumbled into the end-game without finding it. What area are you suppose to find it from?

      • Anonymous

        OMFG I cannot stand this place. Worst location in the entire game by a mile. The poison everywhere is bad enough. But it's the constant falling that drives me out of my mind. The platforming in S&S is pretty good. But the ledge grabbing is a big issue. In theory you're supposed to just hold the direction you're facing to grab onto a ledge, but it's so finnicky about actually grabbing that it makes it really unreliable. I have missed SO many ledge grabs that I should have gotten. It's also not the best with precision platforming. This entire stage is nothing but precise platforming. Just huge drops that kill you and collapsing platforms everywhere. It's INCREDIBLY frustrating to lose so much gold every time you die with no way of getting it back. I was trying to save up for the Axe of Splendor but I have fallen so many times in this damn area that I've probably lost at least 30K in gold so far. Blightown becomes a non issue once you have it memorized and know where everything is. Mire of Stench though, can't do that.

        • Anonymous

          "Head back out to the left of the Shrine. This time use the Shadowflip Brand to go further up to the left." Yeah, if you tell me how to do it, that would be great.

          • Anonymous

            ABOUT THE ALCHEMIST SET: it's worth noting that you don't need the darbrand to aquire it, you can simply drop down from above to collect it (instead of going straight for boss)

            • Anonymous

              ABOUT THE ALCHEMIST SET- it's worth noting you DONT need dartbrand, u can simply dropdown from the upper platform instead of goin straight to boss

              • Anonymous

                Mire of Stench? Think this place is based off the "Bog of Eternal Stench" from the old David Bowie movie Labyrinth. If you get near the boss (below the floor it is hanging over) you can even hear it making the fart sounds like those...things...in the Bog of Eternal Stench in the movie.

                • Anonymous

                  I'M OLD GREG, I GOT A MANGINA! If you don't recognize that, look it up. "Alde Griggs" is old greg, a scaley man fish, and I cannot describe how happy I am that the developer put him in this game.

                  • Anonymous

                    I don't believe the Dart brand is needed in order to get to the chest containing the set. At the top right of the area at the first lever there is a spot you can drop down through to access the room and then you can drop all the way down or just jump back up to the very top level. There isn't really a visual marker for where to drop down but the spot is directly left of the first lever and you just press down+jump like you would for any other ledge.

                    • Anonymous

                      I found a chest behind Alde Griggs, hidden in the crate things. Had the priests set. Ps4 version of the game if that matters

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