Ring of Meditation

A polished wood ring. Carved in it is the symbol associated with the goddess Devara, though its origin can be traced back farther than the creed.

Ring of Meditation is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Ring of Meditation Effect

  • Reduces cost of divine prayers by 10%.



Where to Find Ring of Meditation




  • Found on the path from the Salt Alkymancery to the Siam Lake sanctuary. From the bottom floor of the Alkymancery, keep going right and climb up the terrain, it will be on a platform before the shortcut lever.




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    • Works for me, maybe an update fixed it. According to my tests, the 10% reduction in prayer cost is applied AFTER the reduction from equip weight percentage is applied. (Higher equip weight percentage reduces prayer cost.)

      • Anonymous

        The ring doesn't seems to work in, the divine prayers are as expensive with or without the ring (tried with Divine Armor and Divine Blessed Weapon)

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