Cellar Key

A tri-pronged iron key. Used to open what used to be a cellar.

Cellar Key is a Key Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Cellar Key Effect



Where to Find Cellar Key

  • From Hager's Cavern sanctuary, go down until you see an exit to the right (not cages). In a room with Dropspiders and a switch.



  • WARNING: When in co-op, if the host picks up this item, it will not spawn in the Sellsword's game. Make sure you have already gotten this item before the host finds it!




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    • Anonymous

      Bug "fix"01 Apr 2016 16:26  

      If you're playing co-op with someone you can have them use their cellar key to open the door for you. its not the most elegant solution but it can save a ng+ character from going to waste.

      • Anonymous

        Glitch19 Mar 2016 13:22  

        There is a glitch where in NG+ where the cellar key will disappear when you pick it up. Thus stopping you from continuing with the game. This sucks cause it happened to me.

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