Divine Blessed Weapon

Class 4

Divine Blessed Weapon is a Prayer in Salt and Sanctuary.

Divine Blessed Weapon Effects

  • Class 4
  • Adds extra Holy damage to your weapon for 30 seconds.
  • Adds Holy AR equal to Base Damage*(1+Wisdom*0.02).
  • Having a Stone Cleric at your sanctuary will increase this prayer's power by 10%.



  • Pickup: Available in Hager's Cavern. From the sanctuary, go left and onto a pair of wooden platforms. The prayer is guarded by a pair of Hunting Bones.
  • Sold by: Stone Cleric - Devara's Light.
  • When your Wisdom is over 50,10 points is equivalent to the previous 1 points.


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    • Anonymous

      Seems to work on Elemental Weapons24 Apr 2016 23:18  

      This buff increases my damage by 25% (in an impromptu test). The flavour text says it will buff a non-elemental weapon, however the Purifier reaper is Holy type already and is undeniably stronger with the buff. <br/>Perhaps only fire and lightning count as elements. (Though big whoop if that's the case; all wisdom-scaling weapons use holy.).

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