Divine Blessed Weapon

Class 4

Divine Blessed Weapon is a Prayer in Salt and Sanctuary.



Divine Blessed Weapon Effects

  • Class 4
  • Adds extra Holy damage to your weapon for 30 seconds.
  • Adds Holy AR equal to Base Damage*(1+Wisdom*0.02).
  • Having a Stone Cleric at your sanctuary will increase this prayer's power by 10%.




  • Pickup: Available in Hager's Cavern. From the sanctuary, go left and onto a pair of wooden platforms. The prayer is guarded by a pair of Hunting Bones.
  • Sold by: Stone Cleric - Devara's Light.
  • When your Wisdom is over 50,10 points is equivalent to the previous 1 points.


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    • Anonymous

      28 Jun 2021 15:49  

      "Matching elements (poison weapon and poison buff) results in 0.50[Base Physical Damage]*2.25[Match Multiplier]= 112.5% Bonus Elemental damage compared to a purely physical weapon."

      Found this on this wiki in the page about venomous blade (an incantation that buffs weapon). It seems to work for any elemental buff, including blessed weapons and divine blessed weapons. For this reason, buffing a holy weapon leads to crazy results, even if the base physical damages are lower.

      • Anonymous

        26 Dec 2017 01:04  

        Fairly certain: increases the damage by adding Holy type damage to the weapon according to the formula:

        Base Damage + (1+Wisdom*0.03), but this only applies for Wisdom levels under 50.

        Therefore spell is MUCH better than consumables for high Wisdom.

        • Anonymous

          24 Apr 2016 17:18  

          This buff increases my damage by 25% (in an impromptu test). The flavour text says it will buff a non-elemental weapon, however the Purifier reaper is Holy type already and is undeniably stronger with the buff. Perhaps only fire and lightning count as elements. (Though big whoop if that's the case; all wisdom-scaling weapons use holy.).

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