Hager's Cavern is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary, a subterranean area leading from the Red Hall of Cages to the Mire of Stench.


hagers cavern walkthrough

Full  Hager's Cavern Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown here. You can add links, images. and other details as necessary.

Hager's Cavern is the ninth area you will encounter, after making your way through the Red Hall of Cages. The Cavern is filled with screaming creatures who channel their Arcane powers into heavy hitting dark-type attacks. The Wrathful Dead and Pale Witch in particular, are enemies to look out for. 

This walkthrough will guide you to speak with a few NPCs, namely the Masterless Knight, the Despondent Thief and Minty Skell; and also collect a few keys before we can fight the boss.

Firstly, we will make our way to the Masterless Knight and this area's Sanctuary. After entering the cave, continue heading left till you come across a ledge heading up. Make your way up that, and the next one above it, and head all the way to the right to find an unclaimed Sanctuary. Claim this sanctuary for the Creed of your choice by using their idol at the altar. Just to the right of the Sanctuary, is a pouch containing a ring dexTrickster's Band and a statue clericStone Cleric.

Head back out of the Sanctuary to your left, and continue climbing up the ledges to the left. Head right after climbing past a blue glowing ledge. Here you will see a couple of Emberskull and an Armor Mite. Next to them will be a salt4Sack of Salt. Jump down to the right from there to find the Masterless Knight (He is right above the Sanctuary). Exhaust all dialog with him and then proceed to find the Despondent Thief.

Jump down and then make your way back up that glowing ledge, this time heading to the left instead, then right again after climbing on the next ledge. At the corner will be a couple more Emberskull. Now jump up the small step and climb onto the ledge to your right. From here you will need to jump using the Shadowflip Brand, up the wall to a ledge with the Despondent Thief sitting there. (Video)

Make sure to choose 'YES', when you get the dialog option about the princess being a slave. After that, head back down all the way to your Sanctuary. From the sanctuary, head down and back towards the Cavern entrance. Keep making your way to the left, heading downwards until you reach the end of the cliff and see stairs underneath it going downwards to the right. Go down the stairs and continue heading right till you run into a few Split Swordsman. To their right, across the gap, there will be a locked door. To get its key, head down that gap into the darkness till the bottom floor. Now head to the left till you find a Heartseeker. To its left will be a Caged Gate, with a lever and the key caveCellar Key that you are looking for. Watch out for the Dropspider that spawn there as well. (Video)

Head back up to that locked door, which should now be openable. Head into that room and up the stairs. Watch out for the big boulder that rolls down the stairs as you start to climb them. Best way to avoid it is to jump down the stairs as soon as you see it. Continue upwards to pickup a ring goldSymbol of Affluence, and then take the ledge beneath it to your right. Go through the opening to the next room where you'll find a Gray Pearl. Jump up the wall using Shadowflip Brand to speak with Minty Skell who is standing up there on the ledge. Choose "Harvester" option and give her the Red Lord's Ear to unlock her as a merchant who sells high-end upgrade materials. (Video)

Go back down and make your way down to the previously-locked door, then start heading left and make your way back to the Sanctuary. From there, head back out to the left, and down towards the cavern entrance. From here, head left (along the slope heading down) until you see a ledge with a Wrathful Dead floating above it. Be careful as the Wrathful Dead does incredible amounts of arcane damage, which can often kill a player in a single cast if you are too close. Climb up that ledge and continue jumping along it to the left. (Video)

As you continue going to the left, you will come across another Armor Mite, a couple of Angsty Bones and a Pale Witch, upon a wooden platform. Head up that platform, to the top where there are breakable wooden floors. If you head left from there, you can open the locked door with the key caveCellar Key you recently acquired, but a locked gate also bars the way to the boss.  If you head right, at the end of that path you will find a Goldenstone Charm.  Now go back and keep climbing up, past the Wrathful Dead and Angsty Bones enemies, and at the end of a dark ledge to the left you will find a chest that contains the Palatine armor set.  The door above cannot be unlocked at this time so head back down to the previous locked gate.

To open the locked gate, drop down the wooden platforms, head left and jump the gap. You'll notice a treasure with a lever on a ledge above you. Continue heading down two ledges until you get to a ladder. At the bottom and to the left, past the breakable ledge, is the Ring of Brilliance.  To the right will be a Vertigo obelisk. Use it and follow the upside down ledges to the right until you can loop back around to the ledge with the treasure (a salt4Sack of Salt) and lever. Return to the door and unlock it and the gate will be open. Continue left from there until you find a large Candlestand, that marks the area for the next boss, the Disemboweled Husk. (Video)

The Disemboweled Husk hits hard with his gun, making it a challenging boss. For tips and strategies on how to defeat this boss, see the Disemboweled Husk page. After defeating the boss, head back out to the right, and make your way upwards wherever you see the chance. If you do that, you will reach a room with a locked door that requires the Spiked Key  that the boss dropped. Open that door and climb up, then head left till you reach the Mire of Stench.

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    • Anonymous

      The teleporting skeletons are so stupid. I think they should've given them a cooldown on their teleport, so they can't just blink around the map all the time.

      • Anonymous

        I have Talked and exhausted all dialog with everyone but the thief, and yes I did everything else before this with the knight/thief

        • Anonymous

          in the bottom left, above the mini-sanctuary, you can climb up its outer left wall if you dash into it. you can go up quite a bit, but ive not found a use for it?

          • Anonymous

            how is this place rated for level 30-45?! im a level 60+ knight with almost titan level gear yet im have a problem with this place i mean seriously the walkthrough didnt help much then it straight up lied to me about the bosses attacks! he was in stage 2 as soon as i got in the fight! ive pretty much made may way lost as hell finding random loot and having to fight enemies not even spoken about in the walkthrough seriously i recommend level 65+ if im right about this nonsense

            • Anonymous

              I found the key while playing as a sellsword for my friend, and when i went to obtain it on my playthrough, it simply wasn't there anymore. My game is effectively broken, as far as I can tell. I've heard that most items you find as a sellsword won't appear in your own world, but that was usually armor sets and the like, not keys... Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this? If not, I'm basically screwed... :'(

              • Anonymous

                I've been wandering in this area for hours and can't find the Despondent Thief in the place where it is supposed to be. Is it possible that it didn't spawn ? I have killed every single previous boss. If someone knows about this issue and how to fix it, it would be much appreciated.

                • Anonymous

                  Almost every area walk-through I've read on this wiki has quite a few things missing. Mostly about how to get certain pieces of loot. For example this one is missing where and how to get the Ring of Brilliance. It's listed on the side as obtainable loot for the area but it's not mentioned in the walk-through. :(

                  • Since I didn't see it in the walk through. If you continue left past the Thief NPC you will come to a series of stairs leading up that will take you to a lever that will open the short cut that you discover in the Sunken Keep.

                    • They forget to mention that when you're trying to make your way around to the right while in Vertigo there is a area at the far right when you are trying to make your way back up and to the left that can basically insta kill you like a fall. Have to be really careful when making your way back left between that and the Angst Skeletons.

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                            I found a sanctuary at the bottom-left of Hager's Cavern but it leads to nowhere tho (I have not beat the boss as of writing)

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