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A carved war horn. Its sound can be heard in lands where only spirits dwell, where ghosts of ancient warriors patiently listen. They cannot directly affect the world of the living, but they can still inspire, sending across realms the same ferocity that they once carried into battle. Sound it to rapidly regain stamina.

Warhorn is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Warhorn Effect

  • Grants +135 Stamina per second.
  • Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Warhorn stamina regen from 135 to 100, regen during action-pause from 15 => 25, poise bonus of +50% added. Shows in UI.



Where to Find Warhorn

  • The Village of Smiles: after the boss, on the way to The Watching Woods, next to Fern (who wants his bag of earth).
  • Dropped by Rotten Raider.
  • Sold by clerics of The Iron Ones




  • Most combat actions put Stamina regeneration on a pause or hold.
  • Warhorns grant +15/sec during this pause, and their full +135/sec otherwise.




  • Trivia goes here



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    • Anonymous

      This is an amazingly good buff item. It is very cheap at 100 gold each. It stacks with everything else because it is a buff that adds to your character rather than adding an effect to a weapon. It is immediately available from after using a stone cleric.

      I strongly recommend starting or switching to the Iron Ones just to stack up on this buff item. Then switching out to whatever creed you actually want to follow after you've bought enough warhorns for every boss fight.

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