Palatine Kite Shield

Heater Shield
Balance 50
Weight 8
Cost 500
Class 0 Shield
Blunt Defense 100
Bladed Defense 85
Fire Defense 53
Lightning Defense 40
Poison Defense 45
Holy Defense 50
Arcane Defense 90

 Palatine Kite Shield is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.


A large and heavy kite shield crafted from a thick sheet of steel riveted to a base of dense hardwood, with the crest of the Order of Devara proudly displayed upon its face. Blessed with Devara's protection by the high clergy, these shields are provided only to paladins in the order's service and may not be carried by the unordained.


Notes and Tips:

  • Found in chest at Hager's Cavern. Chest is located at the building toward the top/middle of the map, it is located on the wooden scaffolding to the left of the building.
  • Very strong Arcane Defense.
  • If your starting class is Paladin it is advised to replace this Shield with the Teuthis Shield. The Teuthis Shield weighs only 2 more but also has 100 Slash Defense on top of the 100 Strike Defense, it also has higher stagger resistance.

Location/Where to Find






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