Ashen Effigy

Tower Shield
Stagger Reduction 87
Weight 32
Cost 5000
Class 4 Shield
Special Shield - Thorns
Strike 96
Slash 95
Fire 87
Lightning 80
Poison 79
Holy 100
Arcane 100


Ashen Effigy is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



An immense shield of carved granite smuggled from the forbidden Jinderen Archipelago by an unscrupulous merchant. Apparently once part of a much larger mural, its chiseled surface bears a low relief of interlocking bones surrounding a chilling effigy of Death. Owing to several terrifying and inexplicably widespread rumors, few outsiders venture to Jinderen and little is known of its inhabitants even today; the fool who courted their ire to pillage this demonic artifact was surely more driven by greed than common sense.


Notes and Tips:

  • If blocking with this shield, while an enemy attacks you with a physical attack, the enemy will take some damage as a result. This, combined with it's low stamina cost for blocking and when upgraded a couple times, grants full immunity to strike and slash, you could keep blocking and the enemy would eventually kill himself. This includes bosses. This does not work with enemies that use fire, lighting, poison, arcane, or holy damage attacks.
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Location/Where to Find

  • In the Ziggurat of Dust left of the Sanctuary. Run past the Bound Arrox and the group of Lietchs. Will be in a sack on the ground right before an exit.


Ashen Effigy Upgrade Table

Strike Def Slash Def Fire Def Lit Def Poison Def Holy Def Arc Def Material
  87.0 96.0 95.0 87.0 80.0 79.0 100 100 -
I             100 100 Lock of Hair x1
II             100 100 Lock of Hair x2
III             100 100 A Soldier's Poem x1
IV 90.5 99.8 98.8 90.5 83.2 82.2 100 100 A Soldier's Poem x2
V 91.4 100 99.8 91.4 84.0 83.0 100 100 A Lord's Orders x1
VI 92.3 100 100 92.3 84.9 83.8 100 100 A Lord's Orders x2
VII 93.2 100 100 93.2  85.7 84.6 100 100 A King's Orders x1


    • Anonymous

      Update wiki pls03 Jun 2016 11:16  

      I cant edit it on my phone, but this shield needs more praise and detailed explanation. Not only will you not take any damage from Mal with this shield while blocking, but you'll also injure any melee attackers, like Thorns. However that's not all.<br/><br/>The Thorn damage is buffed up with combos. Just blocking I'll do, say, 20 damage but... if I hit an enemy twice for 80 then 100, then I get hit after, the Thorns damage will do about 120 damage instead of weak damage.<br/><br/>I recommend upgrading at blacksmith fully (VII)!

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