Shroud Charm

A ring of bones, wrapped in a leather page. The bones might have been human. The page surely was.

Shroud Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Shroud Charm Effect

  • Adds arcane damage to your attacks.



Where to Find Shroud Charm

  • Map {X:73762.88 Y:26134.4}
  • Pitchwoods - After jumping across all the gaps and getting to the trees; in a pouch on one of the platforms.




  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      I love using this charm on Black Widow, buffed with Arcane weapon, on my 34 strength 50 magic build. Hits like a truck.

      • Anonymous

        Locations with just coordinates are not very helpful. We need a location or a video/picture of where they are. Maybe have a name of area instead of a coordinate.

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