The Old Man

Health: ??
Rewards:  ??
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

The Old Man is a character in Salt and Sanctuary. He functions as a type of guide or a tutorial character who appears throughout the game. It is later revealed that the Old Man became a servant of the Nameless God after he prayed for power, but he believes the Nameless God is evil and disagrees with his methods.


  • Shivering Shore (greeting you/giving you an icon)
  • Bandit's Pass (telling you that you can't yet enter the castle)
  • Siam Lake
  • The Still Palace


Quest Information

  • First instance leaves after you defeat the Sodden Knight
  • The second instance leaves after you get the Vertigo Brand
  • Third Instance leaves after you defeat the Witch of the Lake
  • The Still Palace instance will not be present if you do not talk to the Scarecrow



Final encounter:

It's time you knew my name.
There was a time when I held many titles.
Men knew me by other names as well.
But titles, fame, infamy... it is worthless here.
On this island, Jaret is my name.

Envy is such a thing.
A man envies his neighbor, whose wife is very beautiful.
A lord envies a king, who commands nobles.
A king envies a god, to whom all men must bow.
And a god envies... a god envies what a god cannot have.
I wanted so much from life. Satisfaction eluded me.
And the things I prayed for... well... would you believe a god actually answered my prayers?
These things... this life... this island... such is my reward.
Fantastic power, a lifetime of servitude, and a purgatorial existence in this still place.
The god of this island is the god that answered my prayers.
His existence is one of insatiable lust for something a god can never have: to be born of light.
He preyed on the greedy, collecting on the debts of kingdoms and countries in some mad, mad hope of collecting that thing he shall never have.
Alas... we are born of Salt, bound by Sanctuary.
We are the eternally dead.

This god... this demon... I want him to remain nameless.
His lust for power is fueled by terror and infamy.
Men at sea can fear the Kraeken, but give this vile god no name.

Go on.



  • After talking to him a few times in The Still Palace, he will say his name is Jaret, which is also the name of the King of Storms[*], ruler of the Castle of Storms.



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