The Iron Ones



The Metal Icon represents the achievement of men. The Iron Ones, who bow to no gods or idols, believe instead in the iron will of man. They love steel but hate magic.

The Iron Ones is a Creed in Salt and Sanctuary. Melee builds are its main focus, offering a selection of powerful weapons early in the game in addition to items that can boost your stamina regeneration. This creed also favors lightning, as it is the only creed that offers Shockstone and Glowing Shots as purchaseable items. On the other hand, it doesn't have much to offer for mages and clerics, but you can still use magic and prayers while in this creed.


The Iron Ones Sanctuary Locations



To increase your Devotion with The Iron Ones you must turn in Remains at any Stone Leader. Devotion maxes out at Rank 7. The following items can be traded in in batches of 3 for either a: Hearty Roll, a Blue Crystal, a Metal Shockstone, or a Mountain Warhorn.



To transmute weapons you have to speak with The Iron Ones Chemist. Transmutation allows you to convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the same type using the remains of Bosses and Enemies.



Merchant Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Red Shard 500 1
Birian Firepot 100 1
Pitchfire 500 1
Shockstone 500 1
Arrow 10 1
Flame Arrow 30 1
Bolt 15 1
Flintlock Shot 50 1
Glowing Shot 100 1
Torch 50 1
Pouch of Salt 500 1
 Dragon's Tooth 25 1
Grenado 120 2
Bell of Return 500 1
Antidote 50 1
Lock of Hair 500 3
Endless Fang 500 3
A Soldier's Poem 1500 5
Hateful Jawbone 1500 5
Salt Seeker's Ring 500 1
Lantern Charm 2500 1

Blacksmith Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Midshipman's Dirk 500 1
Arming Sword  500 1
Varangian Spatha 1500 1
Woodsman's Axe 500 1
Platoon Crossbow 1500 1
Flintlock Pistol 1500 3
Dragoon Espingole 5000 4
Raider Axe 5000 2
Iron Butterfly 15,000 5
Mountain Breaker 200,000 6
Steel Centipede 5000 2
Wooden Targe 500 1
Heater Shield 800 1
Cotton Tunic 500  1
Cotton Trousers 500  1

Cleric Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Blessed Page  500 1
Warhorn 100 1
 Crystalmoat Ring 5000 1
Mend 500 1
Spirited Mend 5000 2
Blessed Weapon 800 1
Sacred Linens 2000 3
Cleanse 2000 2
Divine Armor 2500 3
Ethereal Intervention 7500 4
Guardian Blade 5000 5

Mage Sells

 Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Scrimshaw Cane 1500 1
Saltwood Branch 1500 1
Charged Ring 8000 1
Flashfire 500 1
Lightning Bolt 1000 1
Lightning Barrage 1000 1
Wildfire 5000 1
Arcane Weapon 1000 1
Undersight 800 1




Choosing The Iron Ones does change the ending of the game. There is a unique poem read for both the Survival and Dominion endings.




  • The background of this creed resembles the design of "the Iron Throne" from "A Song of Ice and Fire" and is likely inspired by it, given the popularity of the books and show.
  • The Iron Ones are an atheistic/agnostic creed, focusing its philosophies on worldly efforts and corporeal gains.  

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    • Anonymous

      06 Jan 2019 13:02  

      The blue crystal has shorter animation to consume it, compared to other focus-recharging items of other creeds

      • Anonymous

        01 Jul 2017 12:09  

        IRONy at it's finest... what can stop the Nameless god the killed every god? Send someone without one. We don't need Divine Protection, we have railguns lots of railguns.
        Enough rant, this creed favors high agi players, but mostly Hunter types: Pistoleers and Whip users. But their perks can be abused for other builds as well (Jaws of Death build works with this as well)

        • Anonymous

          01 Jun 2016 07:46  

          You guys gave people the impression that you guys did this game wiki out of rush or not enough interest.... as there are the shock buff for weapons and shock bullets sold by this merchant and it is not listed here.

          • 30 May 2016 15:25  

            It's interesting to note dialogue from the Mage in this Creed: He notes that he took an interest in the works of the Fire and Sky mages of the Citadel, and left Markdor to explore and study. Returning to the home of the Iron Ones, he had to keep his magical studies a secret, as magic is forbidden by the Council in Markdor. But now he is here on the island... he can do whatever he wants....

            • Anonymous

              22 May 2016 15:33  

              The Merchant does NOT sell the Officer's items.The Blacksmith does NOT sell the Soldier's Spear or Self Bow.

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