"Shellmarket" is a character in Salt and Sanctuary



  • Found above the Shivering Shore sanctuary, in a floating island along the Catmerch NPC and the Scarecrow.
  • This small floating island is innaccesible with normal methods. One must use glitches such as the ladder glitch or the infinite jump glitch to reach it safely.

Player Notes

  • This NPC sells a wide variety of armors and weapons, including some boss weapons and enemy armors as well.
  • The gold prices on the high tier equipment are prohibitely expensive. This is probably intended for NG+ and beyond, where players are able to obtain major amounts of gold more easily.


Anytime you talk to her:

When leaving:

Armor Total Price (gold)
Malva Set 9,500
Stella Set 10,000
Tainted Set 50,000
Merchant Set 2000
Russet Set 20,000
Black Set  20,000
Sohei Set 15,000
Grim Set 12,500
White Armor Set 20,000
Bloodbrow Set 1,500
Yokai Mask 1,000
Pigeon Mask 1,000
Chef Set 1,500
Torturer's Veil 100
Sadist's Veil 500
Warden Set 2,000
Predator Set 10,000
Split Set 4,000
Demon Set 20,000
Shields Price (gold)
Caparace Pavise 1,500
Flayer's Rack 5,000
Item Price (Gold)
Warhorn 100
Alde Griggs  ♦  Black Sands Sorcerer  ♦  Boatman  ♦  Catmerch  ♦  Despondent Thief  ♦  Fern  ♦  Luna Sage  ♦  Mad Jester  ♦  Masterless Knight  ♦  Minty Skell  ♦  Nomad  ♦  Old Man  ♦  Peasant  ♦  Princess  ♦  Princess' Maid  ♦  Scarecrow  ♦  Ship Captain  ♦  The Candlelit Lady  ♦  The Mirekeeper


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