A potato from the earth. Offers no healing benefit, but can certainly be thrown at foes.

Potato is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Potato Effect

  • Can be thrown at Enemies dealing around 5 Physical Damage.



Where to Find Potato




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    • Anonymous

      Potatoes can kill anyone they want! Potatoes cut off heads ALL the time and don't even think twice about it. These guys are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time. I heard that there was this potato who was eating at a diner. And when some dude dropped a spoon the potato killed the whole town. My friend Mark said that he saw a potato totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.

      And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you don't believe that potatoes have REAL Ultimate Power you better get a life right now or they will chop your head off!!! It's an easy choice, if you ask me.

      Potatoes are sooooooooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants. I can't believe it sometimes, but I feel it inside my heart. These guys are totally awesome and that's a fact. Potatoes are fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet. I can't wait to start yoga next year. I love potatoes with all of my body (including my pee pee).

      • Anonymous

        I think the real problem with this item is that it's supposed to be like a Bloodborne Pebble, but it's not common at all...It would be super useful if it was that common at all....

        • Anonymous

          Might seem useless at first, but for melee you can use this to lure away single opponents from a crowd so you can pick them off easier. By lure I mean throw a potato at them, not like, offer some fries or something.

          • Anonymous

            You can throw it at the truck beside the S.S. Anne to revive Aeris who can warp you the the cow level if you offer 666 potatoes. i haven't done it myself because its super hard but my cousin has a friend who saw it done because his dad worked at bethesda.

            • Anonymous

              10/10 best weapon, kills everything in 1 hitSeriously though, has this item no purpose at all? Is it just a joke? There's no creed that asks you for potatoes to raise devotion or anything, and AFAIK no NPC that wants a potato.

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