A potato from the earth. Offers no healing benefit, but can certainly be thrown at foes.

Potato is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Potato Effect

  • Can be thrown at Enemies dealing around 5 Physical Damage.



Where to Find Potato




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    • Anonymous

      I think the real problem with this item is that it's supposed to be like a Bloodborne Pebble, but it's not common at all...It would be super useful if it was that common at all....

      • Anonymous

        Might seem useless at first, but for melee you can use this to lure away single opponents from a crowd so you can pick them off easier. By lure I mean throw a potato at them, not like, offer some fries or something.

        • Anonymous

          You can throw it at the truck beside the S.S. Anne to revive Aeris who can warp you the the cow level if you offer 666 potatoes. i haven't done it myself because its super hard but my cousin has a friend who saw it done because his dad worked at bethesda.

          • Anonymous

            10/10 best weapon, kills everything in 1 hitSeriously though, has this item no purpose at all? Is it just a joke? There's no creed that asks you for potatoes to raise devotion or anything, and AFAIK no NPC that wants a potato.

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