Poison Gas is an Incantation in Salt and Sanctuary.

Poison Gas

Dark Arrows

Summon a cloud of poison gas


Poison Gas Effect

  • Summon a cloud of poison gas that inflicts poison unto enemies caught in it
  • Deals 1 poison per gas cloud that hits
  • Deals 0.5 poison buildup per gas cloud that hits
  • Consumes 25 focus points
  • Class 2 Incantation Magic.



Where to Find Poison Gas



Poison Gas Notes

  • The poison cloud shoots in a straight line from the player (from the direction he's facing), and stops at medium range. Short duration.
  • High poison infliction chance, as it seems to apply poison buildup per tick, but deals no direct damage. Really useful for killing Mimku/mimics without triggering them.
  • Low poison damage when afflicted. While it can stack if used repeatedly, it would cost significant amount of focus, since the poison cloud doesn't last long.  Pair up with Forest/Wraith Fangs to inflict higher poison damage at range.
  • Because of the low damage of poison it inflicts by itself, it's best paired up with some other way of applying poison damage.
  • This ability can trigger 0.5 buildup each 0.1 seconds while a target stands inside the cloud compared to normal poison attacks which have a base of 1.0 poison buildup per hit. 



Poison Gas Trivia

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    • 14 Jun 2018 20:40  

      Poisoning can be fun but is weak compared to Divine Blessed Weapon buff (prayer/2nd strongest buff) or Pitchfire or any other fire buff (strongest elemental buff). Tried with Pessklaw (VII) with Iron Rampart Vi which gives maximum resistance to all except it's own stagger resistance.

      • Anonymous

        29 May 2017 18:07  

        Use it to instantly poison enemies... (didnt test it on those immune to poison yet). Deals very low damage on its own, but once the enemy is poisoned, you can use any other poison effect (like Wraithfang) to massively increase poison damage...

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