Venomous Blade is an Incantation in Salt and Sanctuary.

Venomous Blade

Dark Arrows

Call forth the Sky of Bog to infuse your weapon with vile poison


Venomous Blade Effect

  • Class 1
  • Adds extra Poison damage to your weapon for 30 seconds
  • Adds Poison AR equal to Base Physical Damage*0.6*(1+Magic*0.02)
  • Having a Stone Mage at your sanctuary will increase this spell's power by 10%.


Where to Find Venomous Blade



Venomous Blade Notes

  • Elemental weapons have a 50/50 split between Elemental and Physical damage and buffs only apply to the Base Physical Damage.
  • Matching elements (poison weapon and poison buff) results in 0.50[Base Physical Damage]*2.25[Match Multiplier]= 112.5% Bonus Elemental damage compared to a purely physical weapon.
  • Mismatching elements (fire weapon and poison buff) results in 50% Bonus Elemental Damage compared to a purely physical weapon.



Venomous Blade Trivia

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    • Weapon buffs are "sort of" bugged on elemental weapons, but gain an extra bonus because of it (patch 8 or so). Buff grab the unscaled-physical damage of the weapon, which for elemental weapons is split 50/50, then they grant the normal calculation with a multiplier of 2.25 if the weapon's element and the buff's element are the same (fire on fire). This results in 0.5 [Base Damage] * 0.6 * (1 + Magic * 0.02) * 2.25 for matching elements and 0.5 [Base Damage] * 0.6 * (1 + Magic * 0.02) for mismatched elements. In other words, buffs (and charms) only increase elemental damage for Physical damage of the weapon instead of the total damage of the weapon.

      • Anonymous

        T'would have been nice to have a few more poison spells and/or incantations. Having it limited to just the Buff and a poison cloud is really annoying. Oh well, at least it's something (And before you ask, I haven't been able to find anything in the game files that has led me to believe there were anymore poison spells, but I do suspect that there was going to be frost magic, as there was a cut creed and weapon buff item that explained so.)

        • Anonymous

          Does the damage stack if I use both this and Mossy Pessmud? Or will it just buff for whatever does the most damage?

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