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Full  Bandit's Pass Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details.  Click here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.

The Bandit's Pass is a location that you will visit multiple times throughout your game as it serves as an important link between areas. The guide below is broken down by each time that you have to go through.

The First Visit

You will first enter Bandit's Pass after making your way through The Festering Banquet. Just at the entrance, will be the Masterless Knight, a recurring NPC that you encounter in different areas as you progress. Just exhaust all dialog options with him each time you speak to him. On the bridge ahead you shall find a Black Pearl. Jump across to the other side and head down the ledge that has a Jurney Bottle on it.

There will be a Pitchfork and a Pouch of Salt on the ledge below, followed by stairs head down towards the left. This will lead you to the Village of Smiles, which is the next area we are going to encounter. However, before we go that, just climb back up and head to the right, uphill to unock the Sanctuary of Devara's Light. If you are not a follower of Devara's Light, you will be able to "Take Oath" at this altar to change your creed to Devara's Light. NOTE: doing so will abandon your previous Creed and earn you a Sin, which prevents you from changing creeds again (among other consequences) until you clear the sin.

Now, to make our way to the Village of Smiles, head back out the sanctuary to your left, down that ledge and head left downhill, till you are back into The Festering Banquet. Inside you will find a Skullbat, and 2 sets of stairs - one leading upwards to a closed gate; the other heading downwards. Go up first and use the lever to unlock that gate to open a shortcut through the Banquet towards your first Sanctuary. Then head down the second set of stairs, and keep going left, past the breaking wooden ledges, and the broken cliffs. If you keep heading left to the end of the cave, you will find a locked door that opens a shortcut right to the Shivering Shore sanctuary. However, just before that, will be a breaking wooden bridge, with a path below it. Take that path and continue heading downwards to reach the Village. ()


The Second Visit

Your second visit will be after having made your way through the Sunken Keep, and obtaining the Vertigo Brand from the Mad Jester. After you speak to the Mad Jester, you can come here either directly from the Keep ( ), or by making your way back through The Festering Banquet.(Just like you did in the first visit)

No matter which way you take, just head to the right-most end of the Pass to reach the Castle of Storms. As soon as you climb up the hill, you will see a ladder leading up to a locked door. If you want, you can use a Bronze Key to unlock the door to obtain an Outlaw Greataxe and a Satchel of Salt

Then head past the ladder, to the Obelisk. You need to use it to reach the other side of the broken bridge, and bring yourself straight into the Castle. But before you go, after activating the Obelisk, head to the left to reach the area above that holds 3x Shockstone and a Bag of Salt. Then jump back down to the Obelisk and head for the Castle of Storms.

Bandit's Pass Video Walkthrough


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