Max Poison

Starting Class Weapon Setup Theme
Chef (for the armor) or Thief/Hunter (for skills and/or stats)

For Poison:
Scorpion Tail
Adder Fang
Mephitic Arquebus

For Damage:
Any dexterity scaling weapon that does more damage than your poison weapons.

A weapon with more damage is for back up, incase you can't get an enemy poisoned
They are for when an enemy is already poisoned and you are trying to kill them faster. In this case you would have your poison set up in one loadout, and your damage weapons set up in the other.


Armor: Pigeon MaskChef's Apron, Grim BraceletsChef's Trousers (Maximum poison resist for a good reason)

Brightcoral Ring (Increase willpower/stamina for maximum spam ability) 
Mossy Ring (Increase stamina regeneration for even more spam ability) 
Wrapped Link (Increased rolling speed, to get in and out of fights quick) 
Vile Vines Ring (Increase poison defense)

Mireheart Charm (Adds heavy poison to your attacks, but also poisons user. This is why maximum poison resist is important!)
Vile Charm (OPTIONAL, if you don't like worrying about your poison building up, or you just want to switch loadouts untill your poison goes down)

Pendragon Targe (It has 100 poison defense, but I don't think it reduces self inflicted poison damage, you can probably just use anything else that can be equiped in the off-hand)

Antidote (If your poison build up gets a bit too high, pop one of these), 
Mossy Pessmud/Pessmud (Poison buff applied to your weapon. I think the Mossy Pessmud does more poison build up) 
Tainted Shot (Poison ammunition for pistols, or specifically, for your Mephitic Arquebus!)
Wraithfang/ForestFang (Poisoned throwing daggers. Last time I checked Forestfang didn't do that much poison build up, but I do not know about Wraithfang)
Poison Arrow/Poison Bolt (Aditional poison damage with Bows/Crossbows. Unfortunately, none of the bows or crossbows have poison damage wthout these)


Main Stats: Dexterity and Willpower above all. Next in line will be Endurance. That should be all you need for your main stats.

Combat Stats: You're going to want Stamina to get in enough hits for the poison to take affect, but you're also going to want Attack so you're not always dependant on poison damage(being soley dependant on poison damage can ruin your experience) Besides Stamina and Attack, you also want a good amount of Equip(i.e Endurance) so you are agile enough to avoid, and punish enemy attacks.

Defensive stats: Poison Defense and whatever else you want.


*Chosing your offensive skills depends on which method of aflicting poison and damage you chose.

Poison Infliction:

 is a class 3 dagger(C dex scaling) that punishes enemy attacks with ease. While having very low physical damage, it is very spamable and stunlocks lesser mobs. While against larger enemies it can be spammed countlessly within their wide openings. The attacks from daggers are fast enough to allow you easy escapes. Needless to say this weapon applies poison very fast.

Scorpion Tail is a class 3 whip(B dex scaling). I am not very familiar with whips, but I do know they can be used in quick succession and they have pretty good range. I would assume this weapon would be very good at poison building.

Adder Fang is a class 3 spear(S dex scaling). Spears have amazing range, can hit multiple enemies, and are very spamable. Adder Fang has an S scaling in dexterity but lacks base damage. It would be a great tool at applying poison from a safe distance, or applying poison to multiple lined-up enemies, but I would reccomend something else for single targets, or close spaces.

Mephitic Arquebus is a class 4 pistol(B dex scaling). Pistols function similar to shotguns high damage, short range. With that in mind, using this pistol in tandem with Tainted Shots can potentially do a lot of poison damage.

Damage Infliction: Use anything you would like. I prefer using other dex weapons to stay true to the build.

Armors: The Pigeon Mask and the Grim Bracelets require class 3 light armor.


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    • Anonymous

      The weapons I use are Pessclaw with Mireheart Charm / Pessclaw and Mephitic Arquebus. I buff them with Mossy Pessmud, and the incantation Venomous Blade, are the buffs going to stack poison damage, or are they just going to ignore the weakest of the two?

      • Anonymous

        I have found that the Jute set (Jute Tunic and Jute Breeches), the set sold by Alde Griggs in The Mire of Stench, is slightly better when it comes to poison resist. It is also a lot more appealing visually, for a poison focused character.
        It's also the same items needed to upgrade the armor - no fancy lockets or tomes needed for that.
        Instead of the Grim Bracers which are bought from the Order of the Betrayer, I use Guide's gloves, as they are the third best poison resist wise gloves in the game. (Stella Guanti are second best, but they just don't fit with neither chef's nor the Jute set). Guide's Gloves are also far easier to acquire - Even if you don't start out as the guide class. They are found in a chest a minute's walk to the left of where The Bloodless Prince is found.
        It has to be said though, the Jute's Set (Jute Tunic and Jute Breeches) are class 4 light armor, but that shouldn't be a problem if you want to look more like a poisoner than a chef.

        • Anonymous

          I like this build, I was playing a chef as my first character which turned out like a hunter, using a whip and the skilltree was pretty similar to this one. I decided to reroll a thief and I'm building it according to this guide. Currently at level 53 in the poison swamp area. Wraithfangs are my strongest poison dealers right now, I only recently got my pessklaw and put it together with the weaker poison charm. I'm not honestly impressed with the poison buildup with the dagger and the weak poison charm but I know the stronger one is MUCH stronger so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that. For the secondary weapon I'm using the default dagger, it's working just fine for taking out the non-poisonable enemies.

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