“Baptized in the divine light of the Church, the Holy Knight smites foes with powerful Holy Sword techniques.”
—Agrias and Delita

Class: Knight

Effect: Crystal Sphere

Creed: Devara's Light

Skill Progression: Class 2 Swordfighter > Class 2 Heavy Armor > Class 2 Cleric > Class 4 Heavy Armor > Class 4 Swordfighter > Class 4 Cleric

Warning! Reading past here will contain spoilers!

Additional leveling will be beneficial. Class 5 Swordfighter allows you to 1H the Scharfrichter and wield the Trinity Greatsword. Class 5 Heavy Armor will build your Endurance and give you access to to any Class 5 Heavy Armor, though the titan set has the best protection in the game, the tainted set is lighter with slightly less protection. Class 5 Cleric only gets Guardian Blade preyer, I have yet to test this prayer so I can not say weither or not its worth going pass Class 4 Cleric.

The Reson I like Devara's Light Creed is that it allows early access to prayers and when you level your creed you have a third potion unavalible any where else, the Orange Phial. This Phail acts as Healing poition with added benifit of restoring focus.

Weapon Progression: Kureimoa > Shrouded Bulwark > Jaws of Death > Scharfrichter > Trinity Greatsword

Your first greatsword, Kureimoa, comes from the village of smiles to the right of its sanctuary. Also this sanctuary belongs to the three, do not convert this sanctuary for your own. Later on you will need to take the oath of The Three and place a leader and a blacksmith here to get an additional Kureimoa. Devote to The Three to level 2 and it should be available for purchase at the blacksmith, buy a few Kureimoas for future transmuting. Afterwards you can reconvert back to Devara. You can skip this if you decide to not use the Scharfrichter. I suggest not becuase I feel that the Jaws of Death will be balanced in future patchs. It Currently out damages both Scharfrichter and Trinity Greatsword, though both swing faster.

Once you reach The Watching Woods sanctuary you'll need to use your Crystal Sphere to convert it to your creed to gain access to the first alchemist of the game. To the left of the sanctuary is a Bloated Monstrosity which drops an Amber Idol. My first run through he dropped the Amber Idol on my first kill. I've tried replicating this run with a second character and so far with 60 kills he has yet to drop it. More testing is needed to find out what Item Find value is needed to get this item. Moving on, with the Amber Idol, The Sodden Knight's Ashes, and 3500 salt you get to transmute your next weapon, the Shrouded Bulwark. By now most monsters will die in one or two hits. Also in the Watching Woods you will find the Mossy Charm, equip it to every greatsword you use. With this you will swing 3 times in the time you would swing 2 times without it.

Hager's Cavern, here you will find your first Wrathful Dead. This monster drops Wrathful Dead's Bindings which, along with Amber Idol and 3500 salt, is needed to transmute the Jaws of Death. You should have come across some more Amber Idols from the Court Sorcerers of the Castle of Storms. For now the Jaws of Death is the highest raw powered greatsword. Like I said before, I do believe this weapon will be targeted by a future patch to balance it out. I'll continue the guide with this in mind. Assuming this weapon is not as powerful.

The Scharfrichter will take some work to get. You've got to beat the boss of Pitchwoods, Carsejaw The Cruel for his ashes, and then make it to Siam Lake, where you'll find your first Diamond Cluster just to the right of the first sanctuary. Also you will need 30,000 salt to transmute it. For this you must have gotten a second Kureimoa from rank 2 devoted the three sanctuary at village of smiles.

The Trinity Greatsword is a flurry of deadly blows that which each hit leaches life from your foes. To obtain it you will have made it to the end of the game, one of
the items need to transmute it is the Forgotten King's Ear. This is gotten from the optional group boss The Forgotten King, who has his Knight and Judge with him. You will also need a Shimmering Pearl witch is dropped from Crypt Keepers, they can be farmed from either Mal's Floating Castle or from the Crypt of Dead Gods. I suggest waiting till the Crypt of Dead Gods because it is part of a farmimg run that you will likely use to gain some more levels before takling the final boss.

Update: After further testing the Trinity Greatsword seems good on paper but in application the life steal is increadably small. At level 117 I'm on stealing .5 HP per hit. I don't know if HP Leach is linked to a set stat to increase its effectivness but with my current build it is very lack luster. I've switched back to using the Scharfrichter.

Armor Progression: Doppelsöldner Set > Titan Set

The Doppelsöldner set can be purchased from the Nomadic Vender as soon as you beat the Queen of Smiles and open up the short cuts back to the Shivering Shore. The pieces cost 2000 gold each. As long as you keep this set upgraded as you progress the story it will serve you greatly. Not saying that you can take a hit from a Crypt Keeper with out feeling it, but it sure will help.

The Titan Set, “Wearing this monstrosity requires unparalleled armor skill and an immense amount of endurance, but the benefits quite literally outweigh the
drawbacks.". This sets is located in the Castle of Storms, once you beat the Kraeken Wyrm and aquire the Jagged Key head back to the sanctuary. The room directly below the sanctuary which has an Armor Guardian and two Emberskulls in it. Defeat them and unlock the door on the left. Drop down and enter the room below the guardian's room. There are two lighting rod traps in this room so watch out for the pressure plates. On the right side of the room is a chest containing the Titan Set. This armor is massive! Its combined weight is 96. The only other set with the same weight is the class 5 Golem's set. The Golem set has a better slash, strike, and fire defense but not by too much.

In NG+ I will be adding more endurence to my stats in hopes to reach 50% load to allow Light Armor like movement with Heavy Armor.


Class 1: Divine Armor - Adding this on top of your Heavy Armor makes you near invincble. It seems to have the longest duration of all prayers.
Class 2: Blessed Weapon - Adds Holy damage to your weapon, most bosses and monsters are weak to Holy. Careful there are a few that are not.
              Divine Will - With this your stamina recharges lightning fast. It does require you to wait a second to allow your stamina to start filling, but once it starts
                                     its practically full.
Class 3: Ethereal Intervention - Magic defense, if you have this by the time you fight The Witch of the Lake you won't have any problems from her.
Class 4: Divine Blessed Weapon - Upgraded Holy damage from Blessed Weapon, well worth reaching Class 4 Cleric for.
Class 5: Guardian Blade - This appears to be the only Class 5 prayer in the game. After test this prayer out I have determined its not really worth it. It only attacks when you do and its hit box is beyond your own. It could be used to extend attack range but would take practice to get the timing down. Honestly I'd rather use Divine Blessed Weapon and just attack with my sword.

In addition having Sacred Lines allows wound healing on the fly, but at the cost of focus I'm not sure if its worth it. Just horn back to a sanctuary. Might be usesful
in the Watching Woods and Pitchwoods to heal after taking fall damage.

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    • Anonymous

      Guardian Blade is a great prayer, when you press attack button, it attacks even if you 're hit and on the ground, doing good damages. Just spam X (or square).

      • Anonymous

        I dunno there is no point in buldig balnce with Titan armor - defencive stats are not that and big guys will toss you all over the place anyway(tried it with 228.5 balance). At least with Umbral or Overlord's you can hit <50% equip and make "fast-medium"rolls.

        • I'm having the same issue as your second play through. I can't get an Amber Idol to drop. I've killed this guy well over 100 times.Also, thanks for the build info, I'm using your build and throwing my own flavor into it, really liking it.

          • "Later on you will need to take the oath of the three and place a leader and a blacksmith here to get an additional Kureimoa. Devote to the creed to level 2 and it should be available for purchase at the blacksmith"Just curious if you are talking about devoting to creed of Devara here? or are we devoting to creed lvl 2 with The Three, once we convert to them?

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