Coastrock is a trophy in Salt and Sanctuary. It is achieved by completing the Despondent Thief Quest. Please see our Game Progress Route for details.

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Despondent Thief

Despondent Thief
Health: ??
Rewards: Coastrock trophy
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

Despondent Thief is a character in Salt and Sanctuary


  1. Castle of Storms: After defeating Kraekan Wyrm, go left and down and talk to the thief to learn the Shadowflip Brand.
    Talk to her and then go right to pull the bridge for the lever to continue the playthrough. here for a video of the location.
  2. Red Hall of Cages: Down past the first few hanged man enemies, continue down and right before the sequence with the three rolling wheel elevators explore up to find a passage leading up (shadowflip brand) secretive darkened room with one single Hanged Man and the thief waiting at the top left. Click here for a video of the 2nd location. * No longer appears if Tree of Men is dead, must talk to before killing Tree of Men. 
  3. Hager's Cavern: From the Sanctuary, go up as much as you can. She is sitting on the last ledge you can access before being forced to go left.
    REPLY YES TO HER QUESTION. Then go defeat the boss. Click here for a video of the 3rd location.
  4. The Far Beach: If you have talked to her at all previous locations, she should now be here. Coastrock trophy completed when you talk to her. She will also give you a Frozen Tome


Quest Information

  • You must exhaust dialogue each time you talk to the thief or she won't move.
  • If you defeat any of the area bosses without talking to her, she will vanish from your game.
  • Cannot travel over Ziggurat of Dust to The Far Beach. You have to travel to The Far Beach from Fort-Beyond-the-Mire for her to appear the final time. 



First encounter:

Oh... hello.
Why am I just sitting here?
I'm the best thief in the Eight Kingdoms.
But what can a thief do against a dragon? A dagger against wyrmscale? No...
So i just sit here.

You... you've slain the dragon?
Well... if you've done that, maybe someone like me can slay mighty monsters as well.
Here, take this brand. It'll hurt, but it's a tool crucial to a thief.

There's treasure in the heart of this island, and it'll be mine. Just you wait.

 Second encounter:

I needed to find this place... my blade's been thirsting for blood, and my satchel's been hungry for gold.
Funny though... gold's the reason I'm stuck here.
I had a job: escort a nobleman across the sea.

Me, working? Go on, laugh.
You know, I'm a thief. I dwell in somewhat more... unsavory... channels. But I'm the best.
My services were requested for this top secret mission for the crown, because I'm the best.
But we wrecked on this island. Dunno what happend to that highborn prick.
Don't care.

Most likely he's dead, and not only is my pay forfeit, so is my neck, if I ever set foot back home.
So what's this thief to do? Gather up whatever spoils I can find, scrap together a skiff out of salvage, and sail to Coastrock.

Coastrock's the perfect place for someone like me to shed her notoriety.

Third encounter:

I... I found him.
My nobleman, I mean. I recognized his dress, I'd only seen him from afar before, but there he was, up close, dead.
I cut his robes off in search of jewels. You know what I found?

I found a brand on his neck.
They don't punt brands on the necks of noblemen.
Know who they put brands on the necks of?
A slave in nobleman's dress.
What's a slave doing in nobleman's dress?

My nobleman was a slave...
Do you think your princess was as well?

You and I are clever, aren't we?
Sent on fools' errands, shipwrecked on a cursed island.
But to what end?

There's a dark purpose to me being stranded here, but I'm not foolish enough to see what it is.
I'm done hunting treasure. I'll find salvage, craft a seaworthy skiff, and sail southeast.

You know the place: Coastrock.

Last encounter:

Lot of wrecked ships here, pretty sure I'll be able to scrap something together here.
Thanks for keeping me company, friend.

I'd take you with me if I could promise a safe journey, but I can't, so I won't.
Besided, you've got a lady to find, be it a princess or a slave.

For your trouble, here's a share of the spoils I've found.
If you find your way off this island, come to Coastrock, find the Red Falcon, and ask for Edward.
My name's not Edward, but that's how you'll find me.

   Player Notes

  • NPC Set: ??
  • Possible bug: upon death, even from a great distance from her location she can have your salt requiring you to either kill her or abondon your lost salt.
  • There is a bug with Sellswords , if the Sellsword picks up the item next to her and don't speak to her , she will disappear with no coming back (May be patched in the future)


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    • Anonymous

      Tip for those who want the achievement, but answered "No" on the 3rd encounter (PC only).
      Search google for "reddit salt and sanctuary save editor". The first link will have a zip file for you to download. Once downloaded, run the application, load your save file, go to the "Flags" tab, and then look for a flag called "3_desp_talk_3_no". Remove it, and then in "Add flag manually" add "3_desp_talk_3_yes". Save the change. The next time you open the game she will be in the available place to do the dialogue and get the achievement.

      • Anonymous

        What exactly do you lose by not talking to the NPCs? I just finished the Tree of Men w/o talking to the Thief, wondering if I need to restart.

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