The Candlelit Lady

The Candlelit Lady
Health: ??
Rewards:  ??
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

The Candlelit Lady is a character in Salt and Sanctuary

I am summoned by the Song of Souls, spelled in candlelight, written by the drowning Saltborn.
Your world is cold and stifling, my light is fleeting here."


  • Village of Smiles:From the sanctuary go right, down, left into the cave and right past the dark staircase into a room with a monstrosity. Then drop down to another exit, go down a ladder and to the right.



  • Forgive Sin: Cleanse all sin for 1,000 salt per sin, 10,000 salt per sanctuary desecration.
  • Cleanse: Cleanse all corruption for 10 Salt per 1 corruption.




Upon first meeting:
"Well met, Saltborn.
I am not like you, born of Salt.
I am born of that life that flickers like flame."

"I am summond by the Song of Souls, spelled in candlelight, written by the drowning Saltborn.
Your world is cold and stifling, my light is fleeting here."

Upon subsequent meetings:
"Well met, Saltborn."

Upon Talking:
"To be Saltborn is to be a dying fragment of eternity. To be born of light is to be truly living, yet so ephemeral."

Upon leaving:
"Glow brightly, Saltborn."

Player Notes

  • NPC Set: Evanescent Set. She sells for 2500 Gold each.
  • Unattackable by any means.


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    • Anonymous

      She is NOT Devara guys, the Gods that are worshiped are also born of salt, The Forgotten King/ Knight/ Judge are proof of that since they drop salt when killed, she must be something else, a creature from a higher plane of existance or one that exists between planes such as Murdiella Mal (Who does not drop salt when killed by the way)

      • Anonymous

        Her being Devara is the most likely thing but all the stuff in her dialogue about being "born of flame" and "Summoned by the song of souls" makes it kinda seem like she's a subtle dark souls reference. Her set even looks like the maidens set.

        • Anonymous

          in order to take oaths at all creeds for the trophies you must pay this chick salt to clean you each time then head back to where the original creed headquarters was found to take oath to new creed. you get a trophy for joining each creed. or if you just get bored of eatig bread rolls and want to switch creeds for a different looking healing flask :)

          • I traveled to her just yesterday and first thought I had was how the tree behind her looks like the Tree of Skill. Anyone think this too? Is there any background info on her and this tree she stands in front of? Like how she says we are saltborn, unlike her.

            • Anonymous

              I have never abandoned my creed of devara, ive only desecrated one sanctuary and failed, i have used one crystal sphere. So why the price?

              • Anonymous

                Am I the only one who thinks she is actually Devara? The Namless God is clearly the "God" from the Creed - Order of the Betrayer. Azredak/The Namless God strives to have candlelit spirit the only thing he cannot replicate or create like the rest things on his island. Candles on his outfit are the reminder of that desire. Azredak is said to have sister - Devara which is Goddess of Light. What do you guys and gals think? Sorry for my english,but it is not my first language.

                • Anonymous

                  What does the Option for "Cleansing" (you of corruption) mean?I am near the end game and still don't know ... (Could it be something to do with the order of the Betrayer?)

                  • Anonymous

                    Cost of forgiving sins seems to be 1,000 salt per apostasy (that is, if you've abandoned 3 religions, then you need 3,000). Not sure about other forms of sin.

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