Health: 100
Rewards: Yes/Yes = Sunset Kite Shield
Yes/No = White Armor Set
No/Yes = Outlaw Greataxe
No/No = Eviscerator
Strike 100 Fire 0
Slash 0 Lightning 0
Poise 100 Poison 0
Block 50 Holy 0
Block Damage 90 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

Fern is a character in Salt and Sanctuary




Quest Information


Hoy, traveler. Well met.
Call me Fern, I've been hiding out here for... some time.
Seen any trinkets? I lost a small pouch of earth.


It's... it's the one!
The soil... it's all I have now.
Now, a question for you.
Are you looking for peace?

Looking for peace? That's great! Great, great.
Now... have you found it?

Hoy, yes. It must be a wonderful thing to seek peace, and then find it.
I, myself, dream of finding peace.
Here, have this
Reward: Sunset Kite Shield

If talked to later:
Hoy, traveler.
Hold on to that peace within you.

Yes. That's the condition I, too, suffer: seeking peace and never finding it.
Here, try these on. They were his.
Reward: White Armor Set

If talked to later:
Hoy, traveler.
A man like me will never find peace. But it's nice to dream.

Not peace... no, not very good. Not good.
So you're looking for war.
Have you found it?

Right, yes. Looking for war. Not peace, looking for war.
Well, have you found it?

Yes. If war was what you wanted, you'll have found it here.
Warfighter. Swordswinger. Manstabber.
Here's something that might help your mission.
Reward: Outlaw Greataxe

If talked to later:
Hoy, traveler.
You must be enjoying your struggles.

Looking for war but finding none? Hoy, how bizarre.
Maybe a greater challenge is what your heart desires.
Maybe this will help.
Reward: Eviscerator

If talked to later:
Hoy, traveler. 
You'll find your war soon enough.

Are you looking for peace? (Return to the beginning of dialogue)



Player Notes

  • NPC Set: 
    Helm: Raider's Ushanka
    Armor: Chain Hauberk
    Gloves: None
    Boots: Steel Greaves
    Weapon: Self Bow
    Off-Hand: Wooden Targe



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