Black Sands Sorcere
Health: ??


Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

Princess is a character in Salt and Sanctuary. While our quest begins with her as a major character, she is a minor character on our travels on the Island. We also find her clothing in Salt Alkymancery

The princess of one of the 14 Nations, she was sent across the sea to be wed off for a marriage alliance between a rival nation. However, her journey was cut short by the ship being attacked by Marauders & The Unspeakable Deep, which ultimately sunk the ship. It's the mission of the player to seek for her on the island. The next we see of her is in Salt Alkymancery, or rather, her discarded clothing as the Aristocrat set. We ultimately never learn of her fate, nor is it important to our fate on the Island.


  • The Boat
  • Salt Alkymancery (Armor)

Quest Information

  • ???


  • ??? 

Player Notes

  • NPC set: Aristocrat set
  • It can be assumed that she's from Askaria, & the kingdom she's heading to is Tristin. However, this is unconfirmed.
  • While we never learn of her ultimate fate, it can be assumed she perished when the ship sank. It's unknown how her clothing got to to the Salt Alkamancy though.
  • It's debatable whether she's even nobility in the first place, as the Despondent Thief theorizes in her 3rd encounter when she learned her nobleman was a slave all along. You can reply "No" to her, at the cost of furthering her quest.
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    • Anonymous

      I found her set when I killed the mimic chest and since the mimic would eat you when you open it, I think she suffered that fate.

      • Anonymous

        The starting ship is actually floating above the land and is completely accessible, but annoying to get to. You have to use the ladder glitch, similar to debug island, but way higher. The Deep respawns just like any other boss, letting you grab an extra drowned tome EVERY game and NG+. And, using this, it is possible to speak to the princess and her maiden. And they tell you nothing. Not filler, but literally nothing. Talking to them acts like talking to any other npc. Two big problems: you can't leave and there's no dialogue box. In order for you to get out of it, you have to completely exist the game. How to reach her:

        • Anonymous

          So I remember talking to The thief girl who mentions her escort was a slave and the princess may also be a slave, if so could it be that they were slaves to the nameless god, or maybe they were bosses and the thief escort was a boss you killed earlier in the game, and the princess and the architect do look similar and maybe the maid with the princess at the beginning was the witch of the lake her twin sister.

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