Redhair Charm

A simple charm of soft red fur taken from a baby arrox. Arrox are fiercely protective of their young, and successfully collecting the fur of a baby arrox requires a particular combination of bravery and foolishness.

Redhair Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Redhair Charm Effect

  • Greatly amplifies attack power when the wielder is near death.



Where to Find Redhair Charm

  • Mire of Stench: At the top right of the map near the shrine.{X:26825.71 Y:24267.33}




  • Increaces all outcoming damage by 50% regardless of damage type. 
  • Effect takes in while you less than 25%(24.9% or lower) of your current Max HP.
    • Wounding also affects this, so the more wounded you are, the less HP you requiere to activate buff.
  • When the damage boost is active, the charm in question will slightly glow in a red aura.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      While it sounds complicate to trigger the effect, you can easily reduce health below 25% without engaging combat:
      1. Equip Mireheart Charm
      2. Swing around until poisoned
      3. Drink Antidote once health is below 25%

      • Anonymous

        Increases damage output by 50% regardless of damage type.
        Triggers when under 25% (basically 24.9% and lower) of your CURRENT max HP. Wounding is taken into account, meaning the more you are wounded, the lower the amount of HP required for the effect to kick in.
        Requires balls of steel and Mad Skillz.

        • Anonymous

          I tested this with my level 1 characterThis charms activates at ~25% hp (or maybe a 25hp)Red hair is better than silversalt charm.+4 mace vs split swordsman31 (+0) damage = No charm 34 (+3) damage = Bloodflower charm39 (+8) damage = Silversalt charm47 (+16)damage = Redhair charm

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