Bloodflower Charm

A metal charm painted red. The bloodflower plant has long been used as a red pigment in dyes and paints, but the superstition tying it to bloodlust is relatively recent. Warriors may don bloodflower-painted arms, but a dress dyed in bloodflower would be considered to be in poor taste.

Bloodflower Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Bloodflower Charm Effect

  • Increases attack power by 10%.



Where to Find Bloodflower Charm

  • After The Queen of Smiles boss fight, go down two ladders. Then you'll come across a platform you can drop through right above a staircase. Drop through both the platform and the staircase and go left. There's a door leading outside, which leads to few flatforms to drop down and the charm on a ledge.
  • Map: {X:2283.676 Y:20815.39}




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