Saper Charm

A charm of metal and pink alabaster, it resembles the fabled Eaters of Thought, creatures of nightmares and fairytales.

Saper Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Saper Charm Effect

  • Leeches focus.
  • Restores 0.5 focus per sucessful hit.



Where to Find Saper Charm




  • Affects incantations as well, as long as the weapon with the charm equipped is the weapon currently held.




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    • Anonymous

      Does the effect stack with weapon abilities?16 Jun 2016 08:54  

      If the Saper Charm is equipped on a weapon like Gravedigger, that has MP Leech, do the effects stack?

      • Anonymous

        Please don't nerf26 Mar 2016 11:03  

        Put this on a weapon, hold it in your hand, and use Dark swarm. Infinite focus as long as it hits something. Have fun.

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