Silversalt Charm

A charm of wood carved from the roots that dwell in a crypt of dead gods. Its power is incomprehensibly strong, but it draws from the very soul of the man who wields it.

Silversalt Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Silversalt Charm Effect

  • Increases attack power by ~25%
  • Costs salt on each attack (amount depends on level)



Where to Find Silversalt Charm




  • The charm does not work when you are out of Salt.




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    • Anonymous

      Huge drain on combo attacks25 Jul 2016 20:34  

      It should be noted that it drains an abnormal amount of salt whenever you do certain chain attacks. I learned this the hard way in NG+ when I was using my Trinity Bardiche and I did the X-X-Y combo twice and noticed that I lost around 20k salt when doing the spin.

      • Anonymous

        Broken Item25 Mar 2016 15:37  

        This charm should give more of an attack increase than the bloodflower charm yet it adds nothing to the attack stat whatsoever!

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