Silversalt Charm

A charm of wood carved from the roots that dwell in a crypt of dead gods. Its power is incomprehensibly strong, but it draws from the very soul of the man who wields it.

Silversalt Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Silversalt Charm Effect

  • Increases attack power by ~25%
  • Costs salt on each attack (amount depends on level)



Where to Find Silversalt Charm




  • The charm does not work when you are out of Salt.




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    • Anonymous

      This comment page reminds so much about people crying over the dark magic mechanics in DS2, lol.

      To sum up, it's NOT a straight upgrade for Bloodflower Charm, nor it's a "better version", unless we're talking NG+ cycles, where slain enemies drop tons of salt which you don't really need anymore.
      It's an alternative, reserved for specific builds relying on a few strong hits, not multihit combos. Charm really shines on slow weapons with high _base_ DMG (not the one showed in the character menu, but one from the weapon description window), such as Obsidian Pillar or Seawolf Cutlass. The less amount of hits your weapon requires to land for the kill, the more you can think about adding a SIlversalt Charm, as long as you're okay with losing some salt. The difference between 25% damage boost from this charm and 10% from Bloodflower one really shows in NG+.
      Another possible implication is Flint & Steel "rifleman" build, i.e. relying on shots over melee combos. With this charm, 50 DEX, non-elemental ammo (that's important!), Tarnished Coronet/Bloodflower Ring (those doesn't stack, pick one), Arcane Weapon and used Sky Crystal the gunblade essentially becomes super-shotgun from Doom, rivaling even the top-tier melee weapons in damage output. Just, again, manage your salt gains.
      And yes, charm drains salt per _registered attack_, not per attack input. If you swing a sword once and hit 3 enemies, game counts that as 3 separate attacks. Blasted 6 enemies from a single Flint & Steel shot - 6 separate attacks. Polearm/spear whirlwind combo, even into one target - A LOT of attacks, and each one costs you salt, while damage increase over Bloodflower Charm is negligible for low ATK weapons.
      Do the math before calling something garbage.

      • Is better used on STR wpns than DEX (unless very high salt consumption is not an issue on your DEX build). It consumes salt per hit, and since DEX wpns tend to have flashy multi-hit combo (Ex: The Square, square, triangle, triangle on a spear or halberd will drain your salt faster than you can farm them). But for STR wpn or wpns with slow hitter and less flash combos, it makes this charm particularly useful for endgame as you will gain a more powerful boost than with the bloodflower charm. But I would still use bloodflower over this one on a DEX build for the reasons mentionned above.

        • Anonymous

          To me this charm is good for endgame builds when you have your full fashion set upgraded along with weapons of your choice and your either max or no longer leveling up by that point salt is pretty much pointless and you're more worried about your gold for purchasing more items to restock. I'm guessing scince it's a 25% boost to attack hevey weapons that hit hard would see better results due to requiring less swings therefore less salt spent.

          • Anonymous

            It should be noted that it drains an abnormal amount of salt whenever you do certain chain attacks. I learned this the hard way in NG+ when I was using my Trinity Bardiche and I did the X-X-Y combo twice and noticed that I lost around 20k salt when doing the spin.

            • Anonymous

              This charm should give more of an attack increase than the bloodflower charm yet it adds nothing to the attack stat whatsoever!

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