Mossy Charm

A cleverly crafted "living" charm: its wood core is infused with an earthen paste on which living moss grows.

Mossy Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Mossy Charm Effect

  • Increases attack speed.



Where to Find Mossy Charm




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    • Anonymous

      Observations :
      A Slow Hitter equipped with the Mossy charm swings slower than the standard speed of its weapon class.
      A Fast Hitter swings quicker than its normal counterparts equipped with a Mossy charm.

      Conclusion :
      The Mossy charm's effect isn't as powerful as the Fast Hitter property and cannot completely negate the Slow Hitter property.

      • Anonymous

        I put same weapon in both slots and attack then switch and attack without mossy charm and the speed seems identical. Any confirmation that this actually helps?

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