Voracious Charm

A charm of wood and metal, the spiral of teeth-like blades seem to shudder eagerly, but only when not directly observed.

Voracious Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Voracious Charm Effect

  • Leeches HP.



Where to Find Voracious Charm

  • Map {X:33107.5 Y:17329.36}
  • Sunken Keep. Need to use the vertigo band on the obelisk, east of The False Jester boss. Once on the platforms, keep heading right after two jumps it should be there.



  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      I haven't seen a benefit to using it. Maybe if it scaled with weapon level but the slight heal you get is next to nothing.

      • Anonymous

        Thus far, I've found that it's stealing .5 HP per kill. Killing Skullbats with a single swing of a greatsword, and getting 1 HP per 2 kills

        • Anonymous

          i can't see the effect working at all on my game... Does it heal on attacks? No.Does it heal on kills? No.is it Usefull? No.

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