Mireheart Charm

A charm made of dried roots and the moss from which Kar'hi'i Spidersting is derived. It has been treated to 68 days of thrice daily incantations meant to soak it in the ethereal power of the Sky of Bog.

 Mireheart Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.


Mireheart Charm Effect

  • Adds heavy poison to your attacks, but poisons its user.



Where to Find Mireheart Charm

  • Map: {X:19784.1 Y:28062.21}
  • Found on a platform in Mire of Stench. From the Sanctuary go left and up. Drop down on the left side of the first platform with Lepris enemies.




  • WARNING - Using Light-Light-Heavy/X-X-Y/Square-Square-Triangle on Polearms or Spears will result in massive build-up of Poison on one's self, enough to rapidly kill oneself if unnoticed
  • Using Throwables with this charm equipped will cause Poison to build up for every Throwable you throw, similar to when you attack with your weapon




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