Stone Charm is a Charm in Salt and Sanctuary.

Stone Charm

A simple charm carved from solid stone. A charm like this would promise resolve, clarity and will to those who lack those things.


Stone Charm Effect

  • Increases stagger damage by +10% and +5.



Where to Find Stone Charm

  • Map: {X:80909.33 Y:10523.81}
  • Found in a pouch in Ziggurat of Dust, where you need to use the Vertigo Brand jump across the inverted platforms, instead of going to the boss.




  • This charm increases the rate at which you stagger foes. Tested with an Opal Tusk VII on an Angsty Bones. Without this charm it took me about two to three hits to stagger the Angsty Bones, leaving them with time to react and teleport away from me or strike at me. With the charm equipped I staggered them with only one hit, allowing me to chain my attacks and giving the Angsty Bones no time to react.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      01 Jan 2020 22:18  

      I found this charm to be especially useful for whips - otherwise enemies just walk through your attacks and jam you.

      • Anonymous

        26 Jan 2017 19:16  

        Stagger damage is a value unique to each weapon that measures how easy it is to stun (stagger) an enemy. So, equipping equipping a dex weapon with this charm will make it easier to stagger an enemy by hitting them, while bigger weapons like greathammers don't really need it.

        • Anonymous

          I might be wrong?29 May 2016 21:27  

          Yesterday I posted the message below where I explained what stagger damage was. I shouldn't have started flapping my gums on matters I don't have any experience with, my apologies. I just presumed that that was stagger damage. I just tested this with a fully rank VI Flint & Steel and a rank VI Headsman's Voulge without any other damage buffs on the rotten walkers around the Shivering Shores sanctuary. The damage I did to them after parrying their attacks and retaliating with the special move, was 270 for the Flint & Steel VI and 321 in case of the Headsman's Voulge VI. Equipping the Stone Charm did not change these values at all. I am currently playing on PC with version Anyone care to confirm? :)

          • Anonymous

            Stagger damage28 May 2016 23:59  

            When you parry an attack or stagger an enemy by overpowering them, you can perform an attack with a special animation which does increased damage and flings them backward afterwards. The damage you inflict is called 'stagger damage'.

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