Mountain Warhorn

A carved war horn. Its sound can be heard in lands where only spirits dwell, where ghosts of ancient warriors patiently listen. They cannot directly affect the world of the living, but they can still inspire, sending across realms the same ferocity that they once carried into battle. Sound it to rapidly regain stamina.

Mountain Warhorn is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Mountain Warhorn Effect

  • Grants +135 Stamina per second.
  • Lasts for 60 seconds.



Where to Find Mountain Warhorn




  • Most combat actions put Stamina regeneration on a pause or hold.
  • Warhorns grant +15/sec during this pause, and their full +135/sec otherwise.
  • Specially useful when using standard shields, which have medium stagger reduction.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      Funny thing is that the Iron One are supposed to be, quoted "an atheistic/agnostic creed, focusing its philosophies on worldly efforts and corporeal gains", and yet this creed-specific item's description shows some signs of spirituality - at the very least, they believe in the afterlife. So they are more like godless (don't believe in/worshipping any gods) rather than purely materialistic. Interesting

      • Anonymous

        I've been playing recently and it struck me how the Iron Ones are never recommended for this item. I mean the stamina regenation is amazing and compliments any kind of build: whether it's heavy weaponry spam, shield blocking, high evasion, or magic, you'll always have your roll at hand in long fights.
        So I decided to try it out for a character and then I noticed something fishy with the timings, so I did some basic tests with a stopwatch...

        The buff from the normal Warhorn that the clerics of this creed sell for a measly 100g lasts exactly 1 minute too. And the stamina regenartion is also the same. I don't know if this is an oversight or a bug, but the normal Warhorn and the Mountain Warhorn are exactly the same item, which means that yeah, there's not really any reason to join the Iron Ones permanently for their devotion rewards. Just join for a moment to buy a full stack of Warhorns from a level1 cleric and you basically got the equivalent of 99 creed rewards for 10k gold (easy to come by even in the early game).

        Furthermore, I also found that Divine Will (a cheap level 2 prayer) also has the exact same effect, and also lasts 1 minute, so there's that.
        Stacking on Warhorns is still the better choice though because they don't waste focus and 100g is cheap as hell.

        • Anonymous

          Don't ever get this.

          To qualify for this item your creed must be the Iron Ones. If it is, then clerics will sell Warhorns for 100g each which is a bargain. You're better off buying those and increasing one of the other consumables like Hearty Rolls.

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