Flask of Fire

The fire that fuels the soul, made liquid by ancient alchemy of the Keepers of Fire and Sky. Quaff it to restore some HP.

Flask of Fire is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Flask of Fire Effect

  • Restores 150 HP over 5 seconds.



Where to Find Flask of Fire




  • Further testing may be necessary, but it appears that this healing item may be the worst of the creed-specific healing items at higher levels. It is the only known healing item that does not heal you to full health if your health is too low. Unlike other creed healing items, the Flask of Fire doesn't appear to make up for this penalty by offering any unique advantages to using it, although the other unique items offered by the Keepers of Fire and Sky may be seen as strong enough to balance it out. The other possibly worst healing item is The Stone Roots's Red Grass, which may heal too slowly to save you from near death, but also heals you for twice as long.




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    • Anonymous

      I can confirm personally that the Flask of Fire restores significantly less health over time than most other creed-specific health potion, at about 50% over a 2 second period. Compared this to water of blessing from Devara's light, and the results are immediately apparent. Might have to rely on miracles to heal when one is with the Keepers of F&S, or use it as a "hard mode".

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