Water of Blessing

A phial of incandescent liquid, its colors shift like a prism. Quaff it to restore some HP and gain a few seconds of divine protection.

Water of Blessing is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Water of Blessing Effect

  • Restores HP equal to current HP-MAX in 5 seconds.
  • Grants the Protection buff for 10 seconds.



Where to Find Water of Blessing




  • The best creed healing items in pure healing power, speed and the bonus defense without drawback.
  • Excellent healing item if you have a tendency to heal in panic situations. The extra defense will allow you to survive your ill placed healing.
  • The defense boost is a 2x multiplier to your current defense rating.




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    • This consumable increases resistances by x2 for 10 seconds. Defense calculation is Reduct% = Def / (Def +200). For example if you had 100 fire resist, that's 33% fire reduction. This would bring your fire resist to 200, which is 50% reduction.

      • Anonymous

        "A bit weaker than other creed healing items in pure healing power and speed"

        How? In what way? This item heals to max HP in 5 seconds, just like The Three's Red Flask, and it's a drink, which is consumed faster than The Iron Ones' Hearty Meal. This healing item is by far the best one, as it has no disadvantage and gives you greatly increased resistances for 10 seconds.

        • Anonymous

          Anybody figure out what the "divine Protection" effect is? I know that may character has an aura effect whenever the water is used, but I'm not sure what this does.

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