Cloth of Blessing

A blessed canvas cloth, embroidered with the symbol of the goddess Devara. Rub it to restore fatigue.

Cloth of Blessing is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Cloth of Blessing Effect

  • Focus restoring item.
  • Restores 40 focus.



Where to Find Cloth of Blessing



  • If you use it for spells think about using something to reduce fatigue consumption, and don't overuse it because early on you wont have much focus so you will waste some of the focus recovery power.
  • Orange Phials are often a better all-around choice, as they replenish health and cure poison while only restoring slightly less focus/fatigue. However, builds that burn through focus/fatigue quickly might still find Cloths of Blessing more useful.




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    • Anonymous

      I would like to point out that when the wiki says "Don't pick these over orange phials." Remember that picking the skill Energy Sleeve gives you the Focus restoring item for any creed when you sit down at a sanctuary, akin to the poultice pouch. There's literally no reason, ever, to pick the healing or focus item at a creed when you can pick their 2 unique offerings. Therefore; always pick the unique items offered over the healing/focus restoring items, as they are acquired from the skill tree.

      Also: Yeah orange phial is good. It's a great crutch for a run where you need a lot of HP/Focus if you're using a **** weapon or you're doing a caster build and need a bit of min-max going.

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