Vinemesh Peltarion

Heater Shield
Stagger Reduction 56
Weight 4.5
Cost 1500
Class 1 Shield
Special HP Regen
Blunt Defense 89
Bladed Defense 71
Fire Defense 21
Lightning Defense 31
Poison Defense 95
Holy Defense 30
Arcane Defense 35

 Vinemesh Peltarion is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



A peculiar ceremonial shield of interwoven vines. Used in ritual dances by the headhunting tribes of Kadania, these shields are formed by painstakingly training certain dense species of liana into a complex symmetrical mesh and allowing them to inosculate.


Notes and Tips:

  • Gives passive 0.25/sec HP Regen (notice the buff right of your gold).
  • Doesn't stack with Mending Band.

Location/Where to Find

  • One found in the Village of Smiles. Drop down to a path soon after entering, defeat a feral beast, and grab from a dead end rampart.
  • Sold by Blacksmith (Woods)







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    • Anonymous

      The recent update that buffed the Mending Band to 1% HP/s also affected this. What an amazing shield! They do not stack.

      • Anonymous

        This is one of my favourite shields in the game and now i find out it has a healing effect? This is the best shield in the game for a light build if protection is required.

        • Anonymous

          It should be noted that this shield has a passive regen health buff while equipped. The buff heals the user at the same rate as the mending ring. However, the two do not stack.

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