Endurance determines your maximum equipment load.

Base Max Equip Load = 42.5

Equip Load = 35 + 1.5*Endurance

Fused Metal Ring increases Endurance by 3 points.

Split Mask increases Endurance by 3 points.

Endurance is a rare stat in Salt and Sanctuary in that it has no softcap.


Your roll speed, and movement speed will change based on your percentage of total equipment load used.

less than 25% total equipment load used will give you a fast, and longer roll.
You will also walk very quickly, and hear mostly only your own footsteps.

From 25%-75% total equipment load used will give you a medium roll. a slightly slower, and shorter roll.
you will be able to hear a more audible thud of your armor, and your screen will shake slightly when rolling. 
you will walk at a moderate pace, your footsteps will sound more impactful.

from 75%-99% total equipment load used will give you a heavy roll. a very slow, and very short roll.
you will hear a much louder thud, and the screen will shake slightly more agressively.
You will also walk significanly slower than compared to fast walking, your footsteps will give a more audible "thud" 

at 100% or more equipment load used, you will NOT be able to dodge at all. You will walk extreamly slow.

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    • Anonymous

      09 Jan 2021 22:29  

      I early am at early stages of the game and it seems like you need to be under 25% load to get quickest roll.
      New update?

      • Anonymous

        15 Apr 2017 01:57  

        Can we get anything else here? Is there a soft cap for this skill? What happens at different equip loads? Weight increase per point spent? I don't know these things.

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